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Bring Your Childhood Back! – OSRS Mobile

Bring Your Childhood Back!

Enjoy RuneScape OSRS on your Mobile phone!

“RuneScape has been around for 16 years. People have different amounts of time and different ways of playing. Some people who were PC players are not now, but we can offer that same experience on a mobile device that people can dive in and out of. It’s about making an MMO a second-screen experience.” – said Jagex’s director of communications Rich Eddy for an interview for https://www.gamesindustry.biz/

The game is largely the same as it was back in 2007, so if you ever feel nostalgic recommendation is to check it out. So far, the only noticeable thing that isn’t from the classic game is the implementation of Bonds, which basically means you can buy a month of Membership for osrs gold. A pretty good Quality-of-Life addition.It doesn’t mess with the old-school feeling of the game,does it?

Our team found the following advantages of RuneScape Mobile:

    1. The version of RuneScape that they released is the OSRS one, which is not at all graphically or memory demanding, so even a  cheap $100 phone or tablet can run it!
    1. The classic point-and-click mechanics of the game work great on a mobile!
    1. It is a free-to-play for Android and iOS devices!
    1. You can practically level up Everywhere!
    1. RuneScape Mobile also has the benefit of being cross-platform, you get to keep your OSRS maxed main rental!
    1. You can play your favorite quest music as a background!
  1. You can enjoy three times the map size, more quests, additional RuneScape skills, extra OSRS bank account slots and so much more.

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