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Beware! How JMod might scam you?

JMod getting involved in a controversy! Who could have even thought that a JMod would be involved in something as dirty as stealing from a player?

Few weeks ago, Mod Jed found itself in the middle of a highly controversial situation. Mod Jed was blamed heavily for making decisions that were favourable to “ROT” or Reign Of Terror which was the clan that Mod Jed represented as well as stealing other players’ wealth, and even hacking into their accounts or sabotaging connections. There is still no clarification if it was indeed Mod Jed but there are signs that prove that it was .

  • Mod Jed’s twitter account was suspended
  • Mod Jed’s accounts were banned and his RS high scores were removed

Mod Jed banning honest players and targeting Frontline

In the beginning, Mod Jed seemed to be going aggressive on Frontline – which was the rival clan of Reign Of Terror (the clan that the mod represented). He straight away banned 20 accounts that were associated with the members of Frontline without stating any clear or apparent reasons. The members of “Frontline” vented their frustrations by posting a series of exposed videos on YouTube where they called out Jagex and also pleaded to the Runescape mobile and Runescape PC community for support.