50/60 Attack 99 Strength 42/45 Defense 90 Range 94 Mage 15/43 Prayer + Barrows Gloves [Bundle]


Have you ever wanted a rune pure ? May it be a zerker or a void pure, doesn’t matter, we will powerlevel your account to the perfect pk machine, the core skills that make this account work are entirely up to you, we will level them to your preference, just the way you want them for your maximum enjoyement from the account.

Quests Included:
-All quests and quest points (175 qp) required for completing Recipe for Disaster (Barrows Gloves) + Fremmenik Trials + Lunar Diplomacy

Combat Stats Included:
-50 or 60 Attack(Depending on your preference, all attack xp is gained by questing only)
-99 Strength
-42 or 45 defense (Depending on your preference, all defense xp is gained by questing only)
-90 Ranged
-94 Magic
-15 to 43 prayer (Depending on your preference)

Skills Included (Skills shown are before the questing is done, some may be higher once the questing is done):
-70 cooking
-48 agility
-60 mining
-53 fishing
-53 thieving
-25 herblore
-40 smiting
-50 firemaking
-61 crafting
-10 fletching
-10 slayer
-55 woodcutting.

The package includes us farming out on the account the full void set with all 3 helms.

All supplies required for the leveling and questing process are covered by us, all you need to do is, sit back, wait, relax and get ready for your account.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our live chat agents, we are 24/7 and will help you out with any query you might have regarding this service.