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Strength, the main factor when it comes to dealing out high amounts of damage with melee hits, training you strength skill alone won’t be enough if you want dish out immense numbers of damage.
Most often the best way to do that is to pick out a weapon that supplies you with that extra strength bonus you are looking for and what better weapon to choose from than the Elder Maul OSRS.

Requiring 75 attack and strength to be equipped and used, the Elder Maul OSRS is a two-handed weapon with the highest strength bonus in game, providing the whopping 174 bonus to strength, but a crush bonus of 135 as well, making it devastatingly accurate.

Although it comes with a price, a very slow attack speed of 3.6 sec interval and no special attack, at first site that may distance some players from using it, but with a little practice and research, this goliath of a weapon can be devastating in the pk-ing activity. 

Most often combined with the Granite Maul, due to it having very powerful special attack, that can be used as a finisher after landing a big hit with the Elder Maul OSRS, of course that requires the ability to weapon switch rather fast and activate your special attack at the same time. Mastering that will allow you to be a knock out artist with a bit of luck from the RNG gods.

Of course it can be combined with a plethora of other weapons, depending on how much you are willing to risk, you can even combine them with a third weapon of choice, for example if you get your hands on the ornate maul handle from the bounty hunter shop for the Granite Maul, it reduces it’s special attack from 60% to 50% and if you have a bit more money to risk and spend, combining the Elder and Granite maul with Dragon Claws, you can K.O almost anyone in an instant if you are skilled enough.

Introduced with the opening of the Chambers of Xeric, alongside with an arsenal of other different weapons, the Elder Maul OSRS truly is a game changer for those seeking to splat anything that dares to step in front of them.