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Eternal Boots are the strongest feet slot equipment when it comes to Magic Training OSRS bonuses, beating the previous holder for a very long period of time before they were introduced, Infinity boots, by +3 ot top, resulting in a total Magic bonus of + 8.
But unlike Infinity boots, although they are required for creating them by using a eternal crystal on them, requiring 60 Magic and Runecrafting, Eternal Boots have a high skill requirement to be equipped, needing 75 both in Magic and Defense to be worn.
At first when they were introduced in the polls, people were concerned that they will greatly devalue Infinity Boots, for a very small boost of 3 in Magic, while making the trouble to obtain Infinity Boots meaningless, making one of the Mage Training Arena minigames valued items, not sought after anymore, as a result of that, they were made a requirement for creating Eternal Boots, interlinking them with one another.

An interesting fact about these boots is, that they are a few of the feet worn armor that actually provide +5 defense against range, albeit range being the counter to Magic casters and robe wearers.

Of course creating them or buying them from the grand exchange is not the only way of getting your hands on them, or maybe I should say feet, you can purchase your very own pair of Eternal Boots from us.