60 Attack 90/99 Strength 20 Defense 30 Range 52 prayer Initiate Pure [Bundle]


The initiate pure, one of OSRS classic pking pure accounts, with their high prayer bonus and the ability to dish out high damage at any combat level they trully are a force to be reckon with, no matter the players prayer level, with smite they can cut it through like butter.

Combat Stats:
– 60 Attack
– 90 or 99 Strength
– 20 Defense
– 30 Range
– 52 prayer

-31 Crafting
-41 Cooking
-25 Thieving
-20 Firemaking
-10 Fishing
-5 Fletching
-25 Agility
-36 Woodcutting

Recruitment Drive
Black Knight Fortress
Druidic Ritual
Monkey Madness 1
The Grand Tree
Tree Gnome Village
Lost City
Helping the cook.
Cook’s assistant.
Freeing the mountain dwarf.
Fishing contest.
Freeing the goblins.
Goblin diplomacy.
Gertrude’s cat.
Shadow of the storm.
Demon slayer.
The golem.
Big chompy bird hunting.
Death Plateau
Horror from the Deep
Alfred Grimhand’s Barcrawl

Items Unlocked:
– Adamant Gloves
– Climbing Boots
– Dragon Scimitar
– Initiate Armour
– God Books

All supplies required for the leveling and questing process are covered by us, all you need to do is, sit back, wait, relax and get ready for your account.

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initiate pure osrs


60 Attack 90 Strength 20 Defense, 60 Attack 99 Strength 20 Defense