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Usually when it comes to casting spells in OSRS (old school runescape), players rely on staffs, be it the normal staff that replaces singular rune requirements for a spell, freeing up an inventory slot and saving some gp along the way.
Like the normal, battle or mystic class of the different types of water, earth, fire and air staffs or the more complex and expensive ones that replace more than two runes like the dust, lava, mist and etc.
Usually they are used for their practicality, freeing up inventory space and saving quite a bit of gp during those long and costly grinds, but what if speeding up the leveling process could also save you money for runes.
Well then, the hard hitters come in to play, like the Masters Wand, until recently the most powerful one handed weapon for casting spells, that provides +20 to Magic Training OSRS accuracy, but accuracy isn’t everything, this is where it comes time to mention and discuss the main topic in this thread, the Kodai Wand.

Introduced in OSRS with the opening of the Chambers of Xerics, along with quite a bunch of new top tier items, it changed how spells could hit forever, created by combining the Kodai Insignia with the Masters Wand, much like how the Eternal Boots included this mechanic of using items from the Mage Training Arena. Requiring 75 Magic OSRS to wield, providing +28 to Magic OSRS Accuracy and a whopping 15% Magic Training OSRS damage increase, putting the previously possible max hits to bed.
But that’s not all, not only it boosts the users magical damage with a hug percentage, it also has a secondary effect, previously we mentioned how most weapons used for casting spells usually can act as a constant rune source and how if we increase the damage and accuracy that can further cheapen our grind.
Well how about both of those in one, apart from the damage increase, the Kodai Wand provide unlimited water runes, but the cherry on top is that it also has a 15% of negating rune usage by any offensive spell, not one, not two runes, all of them, from all kinds, not only the affordable and cheap low tier runes, but the harder to grind and pricier ones as well.
It as well it inherits its forerunner ability to cast Ancient Spells from the Desert Treasure questline, which is the cream of the crop, it was made for bursting  monkeys, players and high numbered hits!




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