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sell runescape 3 gold

The trade, exchanging currency for something of value like an item, service or another currency ?

Trading or swapping different types of currency isn’t a new concept, but as of the past decades there has been new concepts of the idea brought in, we are used to trading physical money, something you can touch, but what about virtual currency.

No we aren’t talking about crypto currency, there’s something that predates even that, what we are talking about is in-game currency, more specifically MMORPG currency. Trading in-game gold, coins, tokens, rubies whatever the currency may be, since the wide spread of online multiplayer games, there has always been an exchange for in-game cash for real money. 

More often the case is people who play the game, to buy in-game money, because in games, the time it takes to generate a desired amount of cash, may be more than just a days work in the real world.

Runescape 3 is no exception to the rule, since its beginning, trading gold for real money has been in the games community. Although there are a lot of ways to spend your gold in RS3, there are a lot of way to generate it as well, while that is not true for everyone, because as a tradition in Runescape, everything is a grind, not only the skills themselves but getting good at some aspect of the game as well, like PK-ing (player killing)

But there are a select few that do know the know-how and have the skill required to acquire gold relatively fast, often they find themselves with more gold than they need, so do they do then?
Well you can either waste your hard earned in-game currency for built in gold sinks of the game, or you can make actually money from it.

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