75 attack 33 Strength 1 Defense 75 Magic SotD Pure


Combat Stats:
– 75 Attack
– 33 Strength (From quests only)
– 1 Defense
– 32 Range
– 75 Magic (With or without Healthpoints XP, however you desire)

-30 Crafting
-41 Cooking
-20 Firemaking
-10 Fishing
-25 thieving
-30 Agility

-All quests required for unlocking Mithril Gloves from the Culinaromancer chest without gaining any attack, defense or prayer xp.
– Dwarf Cannon
– Vampire Slayer
– Fight Arena
– Tree Gnome Village
– The Grand Tree
– Mage Arena 1
– Horror From The Deep

Items Unlocked:
– Mithril Gloves
– Climbing Boots
– God Books

All supplies required for the leveling and questing process are covered by us, all you need to do is, sit back, wait, relax and get ready for your account.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our live chat agents, we are 24/7 and will help you out with any query you might have regarding this service.




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