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New OSRS Skill: Sailing – Confirmed. Not

Earlier this year was announced that there would be New OSRS skill – Sailing. It was supposed to be a new skill, leveled in a randomly generated area full  of  underwater caverns, new monsters and loot. Do you want build your own ship and explore new OSRS lands, for instance? Well,   watch a movie about[…]

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Join the Holiday rush! Discount for OSRS gold

Searching to buy some OSRS gold? Enjoy our new holiday prices Tired ofthe changing market prices? Contact our livechat and bargain for huge discount on OSRS gold. Find out the new OSRS gold coupons we made for you!  As the holidays we prepared a joyful package for you: Buy hand- trained OSRS account and[…]

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Why do prices for OSRS gold change?

Gold can be obtained throughout  the whole process of playing the game. Players may do different tasks, take on a quest or sell items or obtaining more and more precious yellow coins. You may also choose to buy some from a trusted website. This way you can boost your progress! But be careful, always choose OSRS gold[…]