How Defeating Gargoyles Can Earn You Huge Chunks Of OSRS Gold Or Runescape 2007 Gold?

There are many ways to earn OSRS gold or Runescape 2007 gold quickly. You can involve in activities like fishing, cooking, trading, mining, and more to make huge profits of OSRS gold or Runescape 2007 gold. But did you know that killing gargoyles will also earn you a massive profit?

Kill gargoyles and get easy money

Combat with Gargoyles is a highly effective method if you want to make quick money in the game. You will need to be a level 75 slayer and have more than level 70 melee stats if you want to kill a gargoyle as their drops are really good.

For killing a gargoyle, bringing just a whip, some armor, and a defender is more than enough. When battling a gargoyle, you can attack them once and AFK for a while. They are easy prey and a weak enemy to crush. You can easily defeat them using an abyssal bludgeon (30.19M Runescape gold) but make sure to bring a whip as it is a good weapon while also being very cost-effective. By defeating a gargoyle, you can easily make anywhere between 400K to 600K Runescape 2007 gold an hour.

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