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Is Buying OSRS Gold A Worthy Investment?

Is investing in OSRS gold in 2018 a worthy investment option? This is a question on the lips of most OSRS players. OSRS has been a popular game for quite some time which is why its popularity isn’t as much as it was before. However, with OSRS mobile coming into the picture, the scene for OSRS has changed dramatically. Those who used to play this MMORPG game in their teens are back on the scene and looking to restart their journey in their favorite game. But the question still persists – is investing in OSRS gold in the coming days a smart choice?

Buying OSRS Gold? Proceed with precaution

Before buying OSRS gold, you need to go through some interesting points regarding the in-game prices.

There is a rumor surrounding the upcoming possibility of staking tax. If that rumor turns out to be true, then there will be many winning stakers that might quit the game. While the regular placers might win more but as a result, the demand for RSGP will drop drastically.

The player base that is on their way up will increase the demand for coins and it could easily be balanced out by the introduction of new coins in the market without having any effect on the price.