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Monitor Data And Battery Usage By RS For Better Usage Of This App

A huge concern among Runescape 2007 gold players is the amount of data and battery consumed by Runescape gold when running on a smartphone. When it comes to data consumption, the official word from Jagex is that this app uses around 100 MB per hour. Quite frankly, this is a huge number especially for those who spend hours playing this game every day. It often restricts the players to play this app using Wi-Fi only and it also defeats the primary purpose of releasing Runescape Mobile – to give the players total freedom to play this game anywhere.

However, with the latest updates on this Osrs gold based game, the company released the numbers that now, this app uses on average 500kB to 2MB data per hour which is quite a massive difference from the earlier stats.

You can install a third-party app that keeps track of the data consumption so that you can monitor the precise amount of data being spent on this app.

Another major talking point of this app is the battery consumption. Even though there have been no official statements regarding precise numbers but the company states that the battery usage ‘isn’t that bad’. The battery consumption often depends on the brightness levels, background apps, and the amount of time the Runescape 2007 gold app runs. Devices like iPhone 5s will drain really fast whereas latest devices like Google Pixel will function for longer.