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My Road to 99 Fishing on OSRS – Female’s perspective

When I married my husband 4 years ago, I learned the secret to our happiness… I had to share his deep love for RuneScape 2007 gold! But where I could start? He brought me to the Tutorial Island. Imagine my surprise when I realised how easy this task was.While the road to my skill cape would not perhaps be glamorous, it was of the easiest OSRS powerlevel and it was so fun making conversation with the other players.

What did I need to get started with OSRS Fishing Guide?

-Small Net
-Fishing Rod, bait, and feathers
-Lobster Pot, Harpoon, Large Net (optional)
-To complete the Pirate’s Treasure Quest

And then? Hours of patience, great pair of anti-reflex glasses and a huge cup of coffee.

My journey :

Level 1 -20
For the first 20 levels, I was just catching shrimp with a small net. At level 15 I tried netting anchovies as well, slightly increased my exp/hour and significantly increased my gp/hour. I am a girl I would love some gold, so he told me anchovies are a great way to go.By the way as a new wifey cheap OSRS anchovy pizzas were the best of my cooking skills.

Level 20-30

“After 20, go pick up a fishing rod, bait, and feathers at the Grand Exchange osrs, then walk immediately west until you reach Barbarian Village over the bridge” – the guide said.Unfortunately this  does not usually work because it was boring and it required me to buy a lot of feathers and bait.I loved my gold so could not afford losing it over some OSRS Powerleveling. That was why decided to earn some money by powerfishing,dropping my raw fish, until level 40.

Level 40-50

OSRS Powerleveling LOBSTERS!

At level 40, I took a lobster pot and head over to Karamja. Thanks for the honeymoon fun! I have not had completed the Pirate’s Treasure quest so I could not travel. Realised it was worse than sea sickness!I have to admit my husband hired someone to finish the Pirate’s Treasure quest for me,what a nice guy,right?This nice people also needed me to become a member so I paid.After that I had a back full of OSRS Gold and was ready for a bigger fish …

Level 50-99

TUNA & Swordfish !

Bought myself a harpoon, and then I was doing the same as with the lobsters.I realised I can not do this OSRS Powerleveling without any help.Then I read in the manual – Monkfish. What  was that? Never knew, do not know until now. Why? Because I had better family powerleveling to do, If you know what i mean.This was the time we found www.crazy.gold ordered an OSRS Powerleveling and lived happily ever after…

 The End