New OSRS Skill: Sailing – Confirmed. Not

Ensure your trip with items from
Ensure your trip with items from

Earlier this year was announced that there would be New OSRS skill – Sailing.

It was supposed to be a new skill, leveled in a randomly generated area full  of  underwater caverns, new monsters and loot. Do you want build your own ship and explore new OSRS lands, for instance? Well,   watch a movie about ChristopherColumbus! 

However, if you are searching to obtain exciting resources like logs, ores, fishes go woodcutting or fishing!

Just for once hoped to escape OSRS dungeoneering and solving puzzles for tokens? Like being able to take everything to the mainland, trade materials outside? Well, OSRS Sailing was supposed to give you this freedom. Unfortunately we will wait a little more to see how it goes.

If you are one of many new OSRS players who voted no for major content, be proud yourself.Your voice was listened. Do not be afraid of changes though, complete your OSRS quests and battles. As for experienced OSRS players we wish to do more!

Can not wait for the Newest OSRS Updates coming in 2019!

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