Old School Runescape To Finally Hit The Smartphone Market – All That You Need To Know About OSRS Mobile

Finally! After years of keeping the players confined to PCs, Runescape has made it to the mobile screens. This comes as a relief to the cult followers of Runescape as they had been waiting for more than a year since Jagex officially announced that the game will soon be available on Android and iOS platforms.

The Old School Runescape allows the users to continue the quests anytime on-the-go. This is a unique game with added cross-platform support meaning you can mine OSRS gold on the PC and spend it using the OSRS mobile app on your way towards a meeting. In short, you can exit the game on the PC and begin right where you left off on your mobile.

OSRS Mobile App – An upgrade to the Classic Runescape

Old School Runescape should not be confused with the Classic Runescape which was officially shut down by Jagex earlier this year. OSRS Mobile app is based on the 2007 backup of the Runescape source code and it was released first in 2013. It is more graphically intense when compared to its Java-based predecessor.

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