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OSRS Big Chompy Bird Hunting Guide

Today we are going to talk about the OSRS Big chompy bird hunting quest. In this quest Rantz the ogre who lives in a cave in the eastern part of Feldip Hills with his children, Fycie and Bugs will give you a task. He will ask you to help him catch a chompy bird so that he may feed his children.

OSRS Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Skill Requirements 

For this OSRS Big chompy bird hunting quest you will need:

  1. 30 Cooking
  2. 5 Fletching
  3. 30 Ranged 

Items For The OSRS Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest

  1. 4 wolf bones, Cabbage, Tomato (They can be obtained during the quest) 
  2. Onion, Potato, Equa leaves, Doogle leaves (They can be obtained during the quest)
  3. Chisel and knife
  4. Feathers 25 – 100
  5. Axe

Recommended items

  1. Feldip hills teleport(s)
  2. ring of dueling
  3. Super energy or Stamina potions
  4. Graceful outfit
  5. Some armour and weapons

The Starting Point of The Quest

OSRS Big Chompy Bird Hunting

To start OSRS Big chompy bird hunting quest you have to talk to Rantz, he is located south-east of Gu’Tanoth. You can get there by using a Feldip Hills teleport Nightmare Zone Mini-Game Group Finder, or the fairy rings. Chop down five Achey Trees that are nearby, then use your knife on the logs and make them into arrow shafts.

Use your feathers on the arrow shafts, next use your chisel on the wolf bones to make them into arrow tips. Once this is done you can use the arrow tips on flighted over arrows to make ogre arrows.

After you made more than six ogre arrows, return to Rantz and talk to him. He will take six of the arrows and will tell you about the swamp toads that his children like to play with. Ask Rantz all of the questions that are listed, or else, you won’t be able to open the chest later.

The Cave

Go north and enter the cave, speak to Rantz’s children in the cave. They will inform you that Rantz locked their ogre bellows in the chest. The chest is closed and weighted shut with a large rock. You can find it in the northwestern corner of the cave, click on it to try unlocking the chest. 

Depending on your strength level you will either fail or succeed, but keep trying until you unlock it. Search the chest to find some ogre bellows and exit the cave. Head to the south-west of Rantz, until you see a small swamp.

OSRS Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Stand on the western side of the swamp next to the dead tree, there is a safe spot. Use your ogre bellows on the swamp bubbles around the swamp and fill them with gas. Then use the bellows on a toad to get a bloated toad, and you will catch it and put it in your inventory. Get three toads.

Hunting and Cooking The Chompy Bird

Return to Rantz and talk to him. He will show you where you need to place the toads to lure the chompy birds out. You will see on your mini-map a yellow flashing arrow that marks where you need to go. Drop your three bloated toes, then return to Rantz and talk to him. 

Now you need to wait for a Chompy bird to appear, Rantz will shoot it but he will miss so he will blame it on the ogre arrows that you’ve made. Talk to him again and he will give you a bow, equip the bow and arrows. Then kill the Chompy bird, when that’s done pluck the carcass and take a raw chompy. 

Go talk to Rantz who will ask you to cook it, make sure that you have all six ingredients in your inventory. Rantz will name a special ingredient that he wants the bird to be cooked with. He will also tell you to ask the children what they would like the bird seasoned with.

Head back to the cave and talk to the children and ask them what they want. Use the bird on the spit north of Rantz while holding all three ingredients. Give the delicious seasoned cooked chompy bird to Rantz and the quest will be completed.

Rewards For OSRS Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest

  • 2 Quest points
  • 262 Fletching experience
  • 1,470 Cooking experience
  • 735 Ranged experience
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