OSRS Money Making – Best Money Making Methods To Generate OSRS Gold Quickly

There are many ways through which you can stock up OSRS gold in the OSRS mobile app or on the PC version. Most of the methods will help you obtain a decent amount of gold without having to put too much effort into the OSRS mobile game. Here are some of the ways through which you can do OSRS Money Making and generate AFK gold.

  • Grind desert goat horns

There are a lot of things that can be grinded with a mortar or a pestle but grinding a desert goat horn is easily the cheapest option and it has no requirement. Through this, you can easily make an average 90K to 110K OSRS gold every hour.

  • Smithing Iron Dart Tips

This one is another top method to generate AFK money. An alternative to smithing cannonballs, this method can be used to make an average of 20K to 25K smithing XP/H or 125K to 150K OSRS gold/H.

  • Brutal Black Dragon

Arguably the most challenging method of them all, for this one you will need to be a level 77 slayer and 80 ranged for killing the dragon. This is an AFK method as you will just need to make sure that you don’t get into their Melee range as they can dish out quite a bit of damage. These dragons will drop a lot of valuable items like Rune armor, Dragon Bones, Dragon dart tips, and more.

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