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OSRS gold guide – Top ways of becoming rich in Old School RS

OSRS gold is the most essential element that you need to have in your inventory for surviving in the Runescape world. Without gold, things will become very tough. Here are some of the best methods for becoming rich in Old School Runescape.

  • Calculate hours vs. gold

The players must always choose the fastest method for skilling and then spend their time on more profitable skills. In case you already have enough OSRS gold, you should choose the quickest methods while training skills as it will save you a lot of time while allowing you to earn more OSRS gold.

  • Avoid standing around

It usually takes around 120-130 hours for reaching level 99 strength so image if you were to sit idle for 1 hour every day for the next 4 months, you would be giving up on a potential 99 skill cape.

  • Never stake

Ever since staking became taxed, it isn’t in your favor anymore. There have been several instances where people have got cleaned out and lost everything within one day. Avoid staking as it spoils the gameplay.

  • Focus on one thing

Pick a skill and stick to it. Master it first before moving onto the next one. Sticking to one skill and mastering it will give you be much better than having mid-level skills of 3-4 types.