OSRS gold history: How Runescape Has Managed To Survive 17 Years Without Losing Its Appeal

The primary reason for its immense success even to this day is that it allows the user to play the previous versions of the game as they were years ago.

There are few MMORPG games that have been in the gaming scene as long as Runescape. One of the reasons why those few MMORPG games have survived is because they have evolved. Runescape is different. Even though Runescape changed dramatically since its official launch in 2001, it has always established historical markers on its way – in 2001 and the next in 2007 – and the game can still be played like how it used to be played back then.

According to Mark Ogilvie, the design director of Runescape, the game is 17 years old and the ideal version according to the people differs for everyone. The game is driven by the desire of the community. The community decides the direction of the content that should be added, and we make sure to add that.

Maintaining the core of the game is very important

According to Ogilvie, the core of all the versions of this game is very similar but the motivations within each version may be quite different. All the games are based on Runescape gold or Runescape 2007 gold or OSRS gold but the activities and battles inside the game can be quite different.

or OSRS gold but the activities and battles inside the game can be quite different.

Some things are essential and shouldn’t be tinkered with. When the engines of the game are updated, the visuals might be overhauled but they are built on the exact same framework like its predecessor.

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