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OSRS Mobile update – All about the new duel arena update

Recently, the popular OSRS mobile game received a major update. This Dual Arena affected the “Sand Casino” which was one of the most loved features of this game as it has been reworked. In this dual arena update, has removed item staking meaning only platinum tokens and GP can be used for staking.

The gameplay in duel arena has been majorly affected by this new OSRS mobile update. This measure was taken for fighting RWT and odds staking. However, this update has negatively affected the honest players who used to stake because they will not be able to battle for anything valuable, having to use platinum tokens or cash instead.

The latest OSRS Mobile update – Negatively affecting the economy

This new update has managed to crash the economy of expensive OSRS items. In the previous updates, stuff like the Twisted Bow or Elysian Spirit shield were costly which is why they were lucrative for players to stake and try to win. But with the prices dropping significantly, it means that when someone wins it now, and they try to sell it for a major profit, they are too late as the profit will be minimal as compared to what they could have got before.

This might prevent illegal activities but people have already begun finding loopholes to avoid this system. They are able to bypass them either by using outside sources or by dropping items later on.