Runescape To Make A Comeback With The Release Of OSRS Mobile App – How Will The UI Look Like?

I’m sure by now you must have heard about the highly-anticipated comeback of Runescape into mainstream gaming once again. This time, the game is making a comeback via the OSRS Mobile app. This is a cross-platform app where the developers have tried there level best to mimic the desktop experience to give as close feel as possible. The game will come with the default left-clicking and registering right clicks anytime you hold down your finger. As is the case with mobile games, the camera movement is going to be controlled by pinching as well as swiping. If you want, you can add an external keyboard given your OS supports it.

Developers trying their best to make this comeback a success

With OSRS PC and OSRS Mobile existing side by side, there was a major concern that the UI of mobile would not be able to handle this level of competition. However, the developers are fully aware of these problems and are continuously working hard to solve any kind of problem.

The OSRS Mobile app is created in a way such that you can play it on both PC and mobile with the same environment and gameplay. You can play it on your PC during your free time, mine OSRS gold or involve your character in fishing, woodcutting etc., and later continue playing from the exact same position on the mobile when you’re on-the-go.

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