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RunseScape3 Newest quest – The Needle Skips

Ever felt like in a Mystery movie? Wanted to feel like in an Agatha Christie book, for instance?

The Needle Skips – A RuneScape Murder Mystery

The newest RS3 quest is open for everyone, No membership or RuneScape 3 gold required. You can find it in the Piscatoris Peninsula. It has NONE skill requirements too. Having empty satchel? Do not worry, No items needed. However it is recommended to have One Free Inventory Space.

How to start? – First go to the Pescatoris province in the North-West of RuneScape. Second, search the giant needle at the top of the big hill and accept the quest. Nonetheless Be prepared to faze in a different time line.

Watch out! A dead body is behind you!

Further to complete the quest – learn the story from the video or the game chat. Above all Be aware of the house at the bottom of the hill and everything inside it. Look around throughout the whole forest and play it extra safe. In conclusion, Watch for every detail or be prepared to return to The Needle anytime for instructions via notes.

Enjoy ^^ and get RuneScape 3 gold or OSRS gold from us