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Venezuelan political crisis affects OSRS!

A socioeconomic and political crisis has been taking place in Venezuela since 2010. Unfortunately it continues, despite the efforts of many health, nonprofit or even political organizations from all over the world.
The current situation is the worst economic crisis in Venezuela’s history. Moreover, it is among the worst crises experienced in the Americas. It is characterized by hyperinflation, soaring hunger, disease, crime and death rates.Massive emigration concerns the country.

How does this affects the OSRS world ?

According to some resources many people start reselling OSRS gold or OSRS accounts. They also do power leveling for minimum wages. Since the Venezuelan average of earning Bolivars (national currency) is so low, something like 5$ a year, many people from the nation started making a living from RuneScape. All became a target in the game, whether or not farming OSRS Gold.

This situation led to a leaking article about the main places OSRS Gold farmers from Venezuela work. Wave of anger appeared in the OSRS community That led to racist and ‘edgy’ comments left by people that have no idea what it must be like to live during a crisis like this. 
Truth is, that OSRS gold farming is bad. But many Venezuelans who love the game, became unfairly banned or killed in PvP (in the game). Every player from Venezuela was thought to be an OSRS gold farmer, despite not doing anything wrong.

We sincerely hope the situation in Venezuela will get better. Should be for both – the people outside and In RuneScape! We love this game. OSRS taught us to fish, cook and make good money management. Not killing and hate.

Play OSRS smart and stay safe!