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What is the average RS play time for the average player?

RuneScape is the type of game that always entices you to go back. They have new content and updates just about a few times per year. And on top of that the quests are easy to replay whenever you want. Which means it can be a lot of fun to just play the game and have fun with it. This brings the question of how many hours do people end up playing RuneScape every day.

Most people play RuneScape at least 2 hours per day

As you can imagine, when you have a game so good such as RuneScape mobile or osrs mobile, you barely notice the time passing. Plus, there are a lot of farming activities that you need to explore and enjoy all the time. It’s never easy to learn how to make money osrs. And even if you do, it takes time to acquire all the gold that you want in the game. Which is why you have to explore all possible options and adapt or adjust everything based on the experience.

So yes, most people play around 2-5 hours per day on average. Then you have the more hardcore players that play for upwards or 6 hours. Then there’s the casual player that logs in and just completes some tasks for a few minutes or up to an hour. But as you can imagine, you will always find people that like playing the game for hours and hours every day, sometimes even more than 10 hours.

Why does that happen?

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Even if every RuneScape account has a different usage, you do see a pattern here. A lot of people like playing this game to the point where they end up spending hours on a daily basis. It’s a good idea to consider managing the game time properly and adequately. For the most part this will be an extraordinary opportunity, especially if you are into question and even repetitive tasks.

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