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Why do prices for OSRS gold change?

Gold can be obtained throughout  the whole process of playing the game.

Players may do different tasks, take on a quest or sell items or obtaining more and more precious yellow coins. You may also choose to buy some from a trusted website. This way you can boost your progress! But be careful, always choose OSRS gold websites with high trust rate, multiple payment methods and a secure livechat. This way you secure your transaction and eventual problems can be resolved more quickly.

RuneScape is a living organism.

The games always changes, the players change. That is why gold rates also change rapidly. It depends on the updates, the number of players at the moment ect. This definitely affects the gold prices in the actual game market or on the trusted OSRS gold websites. It is very similar to real money –  the value shoots up for OSRS gold sellers, goes down for buyers. If you want to find the best prices, you need to be in constant connection with the OSRS community.

The actual value of GP in OSRS relies strongly on the shortage of this unique form of currency. The more payers earning gold, lesser the prices will be. It is a supply and demand game. If there is a lot of supply and less demand OSRS gold prices fall. If the gold supply is less and the demand is high OSRS gold prices jump.

OSRS Gold changes

The more payers earning gold, lesser the prices will be.

Prices for OSRS gold are always changing.

Due to the new updates and higher player involvement with the new Mobile version, the need is greater. If you are playing on the go and need more gold, check or trusted OSRS gold website and contact livechat. This way you can obtain your gold faster, safer and find a nice discount!

Play safe!