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Why Food Is A Highly Profitable Item In The RS Mobile App?

Flipping is a common trick that most Runescape players use to earn Runescape gold, Runescape 2007 gold, or OSRS gold depending on the game version they are playing. However, the basic concept is the same in all of them. Flipping involves a player buying items at a low price and selling it at a higher price to generate massive profits. There are many items in the world of Runescape that can be flipped. Food is often one of the most common choices when players are looking for quick profits in the game.

Flip food and earn over 100K within hours

Food is a common item that is traded in the game with swordfish and lobster being the most popular choices. The limit of buying raw swordfish and raw lobsters is 15K for every 4 hours whereas for the cooked version it will be 6K for every 4 hours. These 4 items will usually get you a profit of around 1-10 Runescape gold each. If you spend 15K + 6K every 4 hours, then you will be able to easily make more than 100K + 50K in return which is a massive number considering the limited amount of time you’ve spent.