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Why The Users Should Be Careful When Buying A RS Account

Buying an already established high-level account is a common theme in every game that most people follow. Especially in Runescape, there are some people who will want to avoid going through the cycle of gaining XP and Runescape gold, upgrading, starting from 0 XP in the next level, gaining XP and osrs gold again before reaching the higher levels. They just want to reach the final stages so that they can feel that they have an account that can be considered top notch. There are also some users who want an already established account so that they don’t have to spend time on low levels and that they can concentrate on improving the higher levels. However, there are some reasons why anyone looking to buy a Runescape account should re-consider their plans.

  • The account can get recovered by the owner anytime
  • The Runescape gold account can get locked anytime
  • You are always playing in a state of worry/fear that the owner might recover their account anytime
  • The account might get banned for something the previous owner had done
  • Takes away the fun of starting from the scratch
  • You don’t get to fight for the account’s recovery yourself and you would have to contact the owner at every step