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Agility Guide OSRS – Your Quick 1 to 99 Walkthrough

Agility Guide OSRS is a tutorial for the members only skill which can be pretty useful to train. Some of the reasons to try and get a 99 in Agility, or at least some high level, are:

• Higher Agility level gives you access to various shortcuts across OSRS.

• It increases your ability to regenerate your run energy so you can do it for an extended period of time. At level 1 Agility, you can recover 1% of your running energy for 7.5 seconds. At level 50, the time you need for the same amount of running energy is just 4 seconds. At level 99 Agility, you restore 1% of your running energy for 2.5 seconds and get 24.5% back for a minute.

• You need an Agility level of 70 (can’t be boosted) to fight commander Zilyana.

• You can obtain the graceful outfit which causes the player’s natural run energy restoration to become 30% faster. 

• Agility Pyramid training is a great way to profit for an Ironman. 

agility guide osrs
agility guide osrs

The Basics of Training Agility OSRS

Training Agility isn’t difficult in general, the hardest thing about it is that it involves a lot of point-clicking and you need to be very focused, at least in the beginning. The more you get used to a certain Agility course, the easier it gets for you to click on the points you need without thinking about it. The process gets sort of mechanical. 

You don’t spend much gold while training Agility, but you don’t get any either. To make gold while training Agility, you need to take the Agility Pyramid course, at the end of which you sell the pyramid artefact you picked off the top of the pyramid for 10 000 gp. The rooftop courses give you Marks of grace which you can use to pay for the graceful outfit or for Amylase packs which are used in making Stamina potions. Marks of grace can also be used to recolour already existing pieces of your Graceful outfit. You need to pick them in the span of 10 minutes after they appeared on the rooftop, otherwise they disappear. The only exception is if you’re taking the Ardougne Agility course, as marks only spawn in one spot there and if you don’t pick them, they stack. If you’re taking an Agility course that is 20 Agility levels lower in its requirement than your current level, your drop rate of Marks of grace will decrease by 80%. If we consider the price of Amylase crystals which you can get for Marks of grace and then sell at Grand exchange, each Mark of grace costs around 8 540 gp.

There is no specific and expensive gear or weapons you need to wear while training Agility, so the only thing you’ll be spending gold on while following this Agility guide OSRS is on energy/super energy/stamina potions to restore your running energy. In order to maximise your xp rates, you need to keep running at all times, keep your weight at 0 or below and to use those pots to keep your stamina high. So it’s best to stack up on some cheap OSRS gold for those potions.

Aside from the Graceful outfit, which is the best weight-reducing equipment in OSRS – when every piece is worn, you weigh -25 kg, you can wear the boots of lightness and the penance gloves. Each reduces your weight with 4.5 kg and they’re better than the Graceful boots & gloves.

agility guide
agility osrs

The weight-reducing armour is used so you can waste less run energy – the heavier you are, the more stamina you need in order to run, also when you’re lighter, you have a better chance to complete the Agility obstacles.

Another thing that you might have to spend OSRS gold on, is food. If you have low Hitpoints and/or fail the obstacles constantly, it’s best to bring food in your inventory to restore health. 

Keep “Show experience drops” turned on for a visual cue, because you can only move to the next obstacle after you’ve had your xp drop from the one you just passed.


Some players choose to train Magic while they’re training Agility – they cast High level alchemy or Magic imbue between obstacles. 

Another skill you can practice while training Agility is Fletching– by making bolts or darts of any sort.

In order to prioritize the Agility training and not get lower Agility xp than Magic/Fletching, it’s best to start moving towards the next obstacle and only then to train the other skill. This adds extra effort but it saves a lot of time for the training of your secondary skill, especially if you’ve decided to train Agility until level 99.

If you’re training Fishing through the Barbarian fishing method, you can get small amounts of Agility and Strength xp. In order to train Barbarian fishing, you need level 15 Agility to catch leaping trout, level 30 to catch leaping salmon and level 45 for leaping sturgeon. If you level Fishing with Barbarian fishing from level 58 to 99, you will elevate your Agility xp from level 31 to level 74 simply from easy & afk secondary xp. If you’re planning to get a 99 in Fishing and you want to train Agility, it’s best to use the Barbarian fishing course as it will save you a lot of time and allow you to go straight to one of the best Agility courses in the game, Seer’s Village course. For more information on Barbarian Fishing, check out our article on Fishing OSRS here

barb fishing
barbarian fishing

Agility Questing

An easy way to get you from level 1 to level 32 is by doing a bunch of quests. In this Agility guide OSRS, we advise you to complete Recruitment drive, The tourist trap & The Grand treewhich will grant you a total of 18 200 xp. This elevates your Agility level from 1 to 32 and takes you straight to the Varrock Agility course. 

An alternative to this can be to complete only the Recruitment drive which gives you 1 000 xp and gets you really close to level 10. If you use a single dose of agility potion, you can complete the two laps of the Draynor village agility course that you need in order to hit level 10. This lets you begin your training without having to take the trip to the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Agility Guide OSRS 1-99

In this Agility guide OSRS, we’re going to teach you how to get your level from 1 to 99 as fast as possible and how to get the best xp rates. 

If you don’t want to complete any quests and fast forward your Agility level to 10 or 32, you’re going to have to start from level 1.

• Level 1-10: Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

That’s your only option for training from 1 to 10. You will earn a max of 8000 xp/h with 86.5 xp for every run. It’s best to take with you some energy potions – two four-doses will be just enough. Takes you around 14 laps to reach level 10.

• Level 10-20: Draynor Village Agility Course

agility guide osrs
agility guide osrs

Here you receive a maximum of 9000 xp/h and you’re granted 120 xp/run. It takes you around 28 laps to get to level 20 and usually you won’t need any food.

• Level 20-30: Al Kharid Agility Course

If you’re using stamina or energy potions, you get a maximum of 9 360 xp/h and 180 xp/run. However, if you can’t afford it, it’s best to stick to Draynor Village’s agility course until level 30. It takes you around 50 laps to hit 30 in Al Kharid.

• Level 30-40-47: Varrock Agility Course 

Each lap gives you 238 xp and your hour maximum is around 13 200. It will take you around 100 laps including falls and if your HP is over 20, you won’t need any food.

• Level 40-47-50: Canifis Agility Course

Each lap grants 240 xp and your maximum is 16 000 xp/h, but the usual xp rate you’ll get is around 13 500 per hour with the fails. The reason you might want to pick it instead of Varrock is it’s one of the fastest place to collect marks of grace at lower levels. So if you’re seeking for some profit or you want to get the graceful outfit as soon as possible, you might switch to this course. You get around 15 marks of grace per hour. Some players actually stick to this course until level 60 because that’s when the grace mark drop rates are reduced to 20% of the standard rate.

• Level 47-52-60: Wilderness Agility Course

That’s your fastest xp below 60 Agility. You need 52 Agility to enter the course but you can boost with a summer pie to get there from level 47. You need 49 Agility to pass the pipe obstacle so you might have to get some ocassional reboosting if you’re below at the moment. You get 571.4 xp per lap and an average of 35 000 xp/h if you’re using energy pots. If you don’t fall and use potions, you might look up to 45 000 xp/h. 

To get there, you can use the Ice Plateau Teleport from the Ancient or Lunar spellbooks. You must be careful though, as it’s possible to be attacked by a player killer. Bring some food with you, also a knife to cut the webs which lead to the Mage Arena bank. It’s best not to have your Graceful set on if you have it, because it may get lost in the Wilderness.

• Level 52-55-60: Falador Agility Course

agility guide osrs
agility guide osrs

If the Wilderness is too much for you or you want to get Marks of grace, you should go to Falador. If you don’t care about the xp rate but just need the Marks of grace, it’s best to stick to Canifis though.

You get 440 xp for lap and around 22 000 xp/h with failures. As you raise levels and fail less often, the xp gets up to 25 000 – 26 000. 

• Level 55-60-90-99: Werewolf Agility Course

That’s your fastest xp until level 99. You need to have 60 Agility to take the course, however with a summer pie you can boost from level 55. Your xp rate is around 50 000 even at a low level and when you get higher, it increases to 67 000 – 68 000. You can get over 71 000 xp/h when you turn the stick into the Agility boss at the end of the course and you’re trapped in place by another account.

A downside: no Marks of grace spawn here. So if they’re important to you, just stick around until level 60-62 or you can train here until level 90 and then collect marks at the Ardougne Rooftop Course.

• Level 60-70-80: Seers’ Village Agility Course

agility guide osrs
agility guide osrs

Your second fastest option, which has the bonus of giving you Marks of grace, is Seers’ Village. You need to complete the hard tasks in Kandarin diary though so you can use the Camelot teleport location next to the Seers’ bank, which makes the course extremely faster for you and reduces the time gaps between laps. An average xp rate would be 54 000 – 55 000 xp/h if you’re focused. You stop failing here at level 79 and you might get around 56 750 xp then, but only if you’re very focused and teleporting immediately to Seers’ bank when you’ve finished the lap. If you’re not using the teleport, your xp will be 46 660 at the very best. If you’re using the teleport, you won’t need any stamina potions either. This method also provides great Magic xp.

• Level 70-80: Pollnivneach Agility Course

If you haven’t completed the hard tasks in the Kandarin diary, it’s best to move from Seers’ Village to the desert at level 70, as you may get rates of 52 600 xp/h. The heat doesn’t affect this location so you won’t be needing any waterskins.

• Level 80-90-99: Brimhaven Agility Arena

If you’re equipped with the Karamja gloves 4, you can get pretty good xp here – this location is especially good for training past level 99 because after level 99 you can’t fail obstacles here. You gain 10% more xp from passing obstacles and have a 10% chance of gaining double tickets, so max rates can go up to 72 000 – 73 000 xp/h, including the xp from turning in the tickets. To maximise xp, turn in tickets by groups of 1000. 

• Level 90-99: Ardougne Agility Course

This course is less click-intensive and more profitable. You get a maximum rate of 59k xp/h at level 90 and 63 300 from level 96 upwards. You get the highest spawn rate of Marks of grace here and if you have completed the elite tasks of the Ardougne diary, it will increase by 25%. With them completed and at a maximum xp rate, you will get 22.5 Marks of grace per hour, so around 200k OSRS gold per hour.

Agility Pyramid Training

pyramid agility
agility pyramid

As for making a bigger profit at lower levels, we’ve talked about Agility Pyramid earlier. It’s especially suitable for Ironman OSRS. However, it’s dangerous because of the Desert heat and you need to have waterskins and some food and often go for a refill. It’s best to have the Graceful set too in order to conserve your running energy as much as possible. In order to maximise your water conservation though, it’s best to use a full set of desert robes.

The Agility Pyramid OSRS is located between Sophanem and Nardah and is also known as the Jaleustrophos Pyramid. You must climb to its top, retrieve a Pyramid top artefact and drop down to the bottom so you can sell it to Simon Templeton for 10 000 gp. To drop down, you need to enter the doorway at the top of the pyramid, otherwise the artefact won’t respawn. 

A lap with perfect laps at 75 Agility gives you 240 000 gp/h so this is the fastest way to earn money with agility training. Your xp, if you’re using Humidify and stamina pots, can reach 39 000 xp/h at level 75. It increases with each additional level up to 44 000 xp at level 99.

You need level 30 to access the Pyramid, but the chance to fail is so high that you rarely even get to the top before reaching level 45. At level 75 it’s impossible to fail the jump gaps.

• • •

So in general, buy some cheap OSRS gold and stack up on stamina/energy potions, follow this fast and efficient Agility guide OSRS and enjoy you experience as much as possible! Let’s not forget Runescape is, after all, about having fun while we’re playing. Good luck on getting that 99!

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