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The Shutdown of BoglaGold & ArcusGold

BoglaGold & Arcusgold sites have been one of the largest sellers of OSRS Gold. For most people, these sites have used them regularly to buy gold from them and develop their characters in OSRS.

About this when it became clear that BoglaGold & ArcusGold shutdown many people were confused, some of them genuinely rejoiced while others grieved. Many of you have probably wondered what happened to these sites and Why they decided to shut down. 

Who is ArcusGold & BoglaGold ?

As you know BoglaGold & ArcusGold were OSRS gold selling websites. The two sites were managed by two different owners but in 2017 Arcus bought Bogla so both sites became the property of Arcus. 

It’s speculated that Arcus paid somewhere between two and five million dollars for the BoglaGold website. And so these two sites are becoming a very lucrative business that is growing in popularity and has been used by many OSRS players.

What happened with BoglaGold & ArcusGold?

Jagex Limited is a British video game developer and publisher, they are the creators of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, collectively known as the world’s largest free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game. 


Jagex for some reason they decided to bring charges against the sites in question and brought a case against them, which was obviously successful in bringing the two sites to a close. 

Jagex has a history of suing and shutting down websites, the first case was against iBOT which ended in Jagex win after a two year case they successfully shutdown iBOT site and seiz all their clients.


The interesting thing is that BoglaGold and ArcusGold didn’t make an official statement other than one made by Mod_Beno on the reddit post that brought this to popular attention.

It is sad for the people who have used these sites to develop their characters and buy from them. On the other hand there are other sites on the market that offer the same services and some of them even better services. 

Of course, you must beware of an untrustworthy site that is intended to deceive you. So, before you buy gold from any OSRS gold site, do a research, ask friends who have used the site, do your best to make sure that the site you are using is reliable and will not deceive you. 

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