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Old School Runescape Chaos Temple

chaos temple osrs

In the game Old School Runescape, or better known by its abbreviation OSRS, there is a place called Chaos Temple. You can find this place called Chaos Temple at Wilderness, west of the Lava Maze.

The easiest way to get to Chaos Temple is by using a burning amulet. The burning amulet will help you teleport in the Lava Maze which is right near Chaos Temple.

Chaos Temple OSRS Dangers

You have to be very careful when going to the Wilderness because this is a very dangerous area where there are enemies who want to kill you. This area where Chaos Temple is located as well as the whole Wilderness is a PVP fighting zone and you can easily be killed.

This location has been used as a place to mount ambushes, due to its popularity as a Prayer recharge point and as there is only one entrance or exit to the temple. This gave large groups the advantage over players trapped within the lava moat, as it was difficult to escape a deliberate attack by running

Equipment required

Before you go there, you will need some pre-prepared things. Aside from the burning amulet I mentioned before, you will need bones, preferably dragon bones. Because of the dangers of the wilderness, carry only enough bones you don’t mind losing.

You also need money to unload the bones, costing 50 GP per bone. For example, if you are wearing 100 bones you will need 5000k for each of them. If you have, I recommend getting some type of armor, such as dragon armor. 

So if you are attacked there is a good chance that you will not get teleport block or ice barrage splashing. Bring some combo food such as sharks, super restores and stamina potion. Finally take teleport that works in level 30 wilderness.

The benefit of Chaos Altar

The benefit of going to the Chaos Altar is that it gives you somewhere around 270 k to 500k prayer experience per hour. While using the altar has a fifty percent chance

for a bone not to be used at all. Potentially giving you two or more uses per one bone, The Chaos Altar is both cheaper and faster than using some other methods.

Methods of using the Chaos altar

There are two methods to using the Chaos altar, the first is AFK save that passively uses the bones on the altar to give you a slow experience. This method is slow, but on the other hand it will allow you to observe the space around you and be prepared to change the world faster and if someone comes to attack, you will be able to react quickly and save yourself.

The second method is to press the right mouse button on the bones by placing them on the altar one by one, doing it as quickly as possible. Make it easier for you by zoom in to make the hitbox on the altar bigger

This method gives you twice as fast experience. The method is much more dangerous than the other, because it will be much harder for you to spot enemies coming to attack you and you will have to rely on what you see on your radar.

You are already inside the temple and you have started to put the bones on the altar, but suddenly your bones are running out. If you carry banknotes and money to note them, go outside and use the notes on the elder chaos druid and click on “Exchange all” to have your bones noted.

I hope this information has been useful to you, I wish you a pleasant game.

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