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The Ultimate Guide For Cooking OSRS 1-99

Cooking Guide OSRS

Welcome to the cooking guide OSRS! In this guide, we’re going to tell you about the fastest and most efficient way to get your OSRS account from lvl 1 to 99 cooking. There are different cooking OSRS guides for f2p and p2p included, so rest assured you’re going to find what you’re looking for here.

Let’s start with why is it good for you to have a high cooking OSRS lvl in the game. Cooking is pretty much a skill that allows you to make raw food edible – and edible food heals your hitpoints when you eat it. So when you’re taking damage, especially if you’re low on defence, it’s necessary to have edible food in order to, well, not die.

To train cooking OSRS, basically all you do is use a raw food that can be cooked on a range or fire. It’s a pretty afkable skill and one of the fastest one to train, but the catch is food burns sometimes which makes it unusable and doens’t grant you any xp. Cooking on a range burns food less often than cooking on fire and there are certain foods that can only be cooked on ranges. There are also certain ranges that burn the food way less than the ordinary ranges – for example the one in the Lumbridge Castle or in the Hosidius Kitchen. The higher your level gets, the better foods you can cook – shark, pizzas, pies, yummy stuff like that which heals a lot of HP. 

cooking guide osrs

And another thing: it’s best to train cooking OSRS along with fishing. That’s because you can cook the fish you just acquired. If you have no range around your fishing spot, you can have an an axe and tinderbox in your inventory so you can chop a tree and make your own fire to cook the fish on. Saves a lot of OSRS gold. If you’re going to train cooking OSRS and fishing hand-in-hand, check out here this fast and easy fishing guide OSRS!

osrs cooking guide

Brewing also gives cooking xp. It’s basically fermenting raw ingredients into ales or cider. Many ales boost different stats which can be quite useful but the products of brewing don’t heal your HP. It’s also very slow compared to cooking, so as a means of getting you fast from 1 to 99 cooking OSRS isn’t not viable. 

How to cook 

Going from 1 to 99 cooking OSRS used to take a lot longer before the Grand Exhange was created because you had to fish and cook your own catch. Now you can buy your raw food and the process is much faster. You can set a campfire by using the Firemaking skill or find a fire or a range. 

Here’s the thing: only fish, meat and stew can be cooked on an open fire, and foods like bread, cake and pie require a proper range. The raw foods that are related to the Hunter skill, f.e. raw beast meat or rabbit, have to be cooked on an iron spit. 

f2p cooking guide

Cooking OSRS is pretty easy – you “use” your raw food on a range or campfire or an iron spit. If you have more than of the item you’re cooking in your inventory, a picture of it will appear in the dialogue box – you can left-click it in order to cook all that you got or right-click it to pick how many you want to cook. Ranges are left-clicked to bring up the same interface. 

The best spots for training cooking OSRS are the Lumbridge range – there is a bank right upstairs and the burn rate is lower than other ranges, and the Rogues’ den, where you can find a permanent fire right next to a bank (unfortunately, it’s for members only). 

As we mentioned already, sometimes you’re going to randomly fail with the cooking and burn the raw food. The more you gain levels, the more the burn ratio of food decreases until at some point you can no longer burn it. A very useful item that we strongly recommend you equip when training cooking OSRS are the cooking gauntlets. Wearing them cuts down time and money because less food is burnt. This can be used with sharks that never stop being burned, even at level 99 – with the gauntlets on you stop burning them at level 94. An alternative to this is wearing a cooking cape which makes sure no food can be burned. 

Pay-to-play 1-99 Cooking guide OSRS

Before we start with the 1-99 cooking guide OSRS, here are a few tips for getting the best xp possible: 

• Get the cooking gauntlets from the Family Crest quest. They really decrease greatly the loss of xp due to burning.

• Complete the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary before you start training. The reduced burn rate from the Hosidius Kitchen will increase double – from 5 to 10%. 

• The best range to use is the Hosidius Kitchen one and the best fire to use is in Rogues’ Den.

Now, back to the cooking guide OSRS!

• Level 1-15: Cooking Shrimp.

Each successfully cooked shrimp grants you 30 cooking xp so you need 81 to reach level 15. If you’re focused, you spend on this task around 5 minutes. It’s best to get around 140-150 raw shrimps because of the burning.

• Level 15-25: Cooking Trout.

If you don’t want to spend OSRS gold on the trout, you can pick it raw in Barbarian Village where folks are powertraining. Also purchase cheap OSRS gold here if you prefer to get your raw food from the Grand Exchange but are short on cash.

Cooking one trout grants 70 cooking xp so you need 78 to be cooked successfully before you reach lvl 25. It’s best to get around 140-150 because of the burning. This takes about 5 minutes too, even less.

• Level 25-35: Cooking Salmon.

1-99 cooking guide osrs

Each salmon grants you 90 xp – if you’re cooking dropped salmons from power fishers, you may get around 60 000 xp/h like this. You need around 250 salmons, accounting for the burned ones too – if you’re not wearing cooking gauntlets you’ll be burning salmons at 1:2 ratio and you need 182 successfully cooked salmons to get to lvl 35. Technically you can start cooking tuna at level 30 but the burning level is too high.

• Level 35-50: Cooking Tuna.

While catching your food items until now was a viable option, it’s best to start buying them at the Grand Exchange now. Each cooked tuna grants 100 cooking xp. Without the cooking gauntlets, you’ll be looking at a 1:3.5 ratio of burning/cooking, so while you need 790 cooked tunas in order to reach level 50, it’s best to buy 1015 raw tuna. This takes around 40 minutes.

• Level 50-68/70/75: Cooking Lobster.

At this stage, depending on the prices in the Grand Exchange and whether you’re burning the lobsters, you can actually make profit. At lvl 74 you stop burning lobsters (that’s lvl 64 if you’re wearing the cooking gauntlets), so you may wait until then to do that but it’s not recommended unless you’re fishing for ingredients yourself. 

Every lobster grants you 120 cooking xp and this stage takes about 8 hours and a half of focused training.

• Level 68-99: Jug of Wine.

cooking guide osrs

That’s one of the fastest p2p cooking training methods in OSRS but it’s also very expensive so if you’re willing to grind by making wine, it’s best to buy cheap OSRS gold right here.

You stop making jugs of bad wine at lvl 68. To create jugs of wine, you need a jug of water and grapes. Using them on each other makes unfermented wines and once you’ve made all of the wines in your inventory, they will ferment and become a jug of wine. One jug grants 200 xp and you can make around 480k xp/h with this method. You need 25 hours and 30 minutes to get to level 99.

• Level 70-99: Baking Pie.

That’s an even faster option than the wine making if you can get the raw pies pre-assembled. To do this, you must complete the Lunar Diplomacy quest which also grants you magic xp.

There are three types of pie – admiral, wild and summer. Baking pre-assembled Summer pies grant around 490k xp/h + 100 k magic xp.

• Level 75-80: Cooking Swordfish. 

Each swordfish grants 140 xp when it’s successfully cooked. You may wait until lvl 76 to start cooking swordfish because that’s when you stop burning it if you’re wearing cooking gauntlets and are using the Hosidius stove. This takes around 4 hours and a half.

• Level 80-84-99: Cooking Shark.

You only burn 11-12% of these at Rogues’ Den. If you’re using the Hosidius kitchen and cooking gauntlets, that’s burning less than 8% of the sharks. You can even stop burning sharks at all at level 84 if you complete the elite Kourend and Kebos Diary. With no gauntlets or completing the diary, you still burn less than 5% at level 91. Each shark grants you 210 xp and you need 30 hours and 45 minutes of training to get to level 99. An alternative to this is cooking anglerfish which is cooked for around 9.5% xp more than sharks because it grants 230 xp per fish but it burns more. 

• Level 80-99: Cooking Karambwan.

That’s the fastest cooking xp in the game because karambwan is cooked with no tick delay. You just hold down 2 and rapidly the raw karambwan on a fire or range. We don’t recommend this method only because it requires so much click accuracy and is difficult to maintain during long periods of time. The other methods mentioned above are quite afkable while this one demands constant attention. Max xp rate is 950k xp/h if you don’t burn any karambwan but it’s most likely you get around 850k. As low as level 75 you’re supposed to be burning 18% karambwan but many players report much lower rates – at times lower than 1%.

Free-to-play 1-99 Cooking Guide OSRS

It’s best to start your training by doing the Cook’s Assistant quest which gets you straight to level 4.

If you want to grind cooking OSRS along with fishing like most players do, here’s your cooking OSRS guide.

• Level 1 (or 4 if you did the quest)-20: Cooking Shrimp.

You don’t need any requirements to catch shrimp and any cooked shrimp grants you 30 xp. They can’t be sold in the Grand Exchange for much profit so it’s best to use them as food. The best spot for fishing shrimps is Draynor.

• Level 20-30: Cooking trout. 

You can catch trout at lvl 20 in Barbarian village or Lumbridge. Each trout grants you 70 xp. You can also grab the raw trout from powerfishers that drop it and cook that. Pick a very populated world and go to Barbarian village, people would be giving away salmon and tuna for free and you can start a fire and cook it.

• Level 30-40: Cooking Tuna. 

You can catch tuna at Musa Point in Karamja by harpooning at lvl 35 Fishing. The catching speed is slow but you get 100 xp per cook. Taking dropped tunas from powerfishers is also an option but select a very busy world. Take an axe and a tinderbox with you so you can start a fire by chopping the trees by the dock.

• Level 40-50-99: Cooking Lobsters.

You can catch those at Musa Point in Karamja. Each lobster grands you 120 xp for cooking and the catching speed is similar to the one when you’re harpooning. Powerfishes don’t usually drop the lobsters so you have to fish them yourself.

• Level 50-99: Cooking Swordfish.

Swordfish is caught at Musa Point in Karamja and each gives you 140 for cooking. However, catching swordfish happens at the slowest speed from all the free-to-play fish. The burning rate is also high so it might be better to start at a higher level. 

Another method to cooking fish is use the highest-level food that is possible which cannot be burned but that’s way slower than following the cooking guide OSRS above.

Cooking in the Cooks’ Guild is different though. You can only enter the Cook’s Guild at level 32 cooking so you can’t start here the cooking training. Also you need to get a chef’s hat in order to enter.

• Level 32-35: Baking Apple pies. 

You can actually bake those at level 30 but only the Cooks’ Guild provides the needed resources for mass-producing them. You get one jug, pot, pie dish and three cooking apple spawns but you can speed up the processs by bringing your own jugs and pots. You can harvest wheat directly behind the guild and turn it into flour in the mill. Collecting the flour and water and mixing the pastry dough is done on the 1st floor, you use the ranges on the 1nd floor for the baking and you get more equipment on the 3rd. 

• Level 35: Making Wine.

You can find jugs and grapes inside the guild. To ferment the wine, you fill the jugs with water from the sink on the ground floor, then use the grapes on them. You get the biggest xp per success with this method but the grape spawning is slow.

Another method for getting cooking xp in free-to-play worlds is by training with complex food. This can be costly at first and takes more time but it can also be pretty rewarding. You can actually power-level complex foods by simply buying the final uncooked version of the product from the GE or through trade with someone. It costs a lot of OSRS gold but offers great xp rates.

• Level 10-20: Baking Redberry pies.

You can get supplies like buckets or jugs from the bushes located south-east of Varrock, north of the Al Kharid entrance. After this, you can make the pies in bulk. It’s easy to make redberry pies and they’re quite expensive to sell in Grand exchange becuase they’re used for quests. To cook the pie, you need to add redberries to a pie shell and bake it. Each pie grants 78 cooking xp.

• Level 20-25: Baking Meat pies. 

They’re made the same way as redberry pies but you have to kill cows to get meat and bank the raw beef. Each pie grants 110 cooking xp.

• Level 25-25: Making Stew.

You can pick potatoes in the potato filed, located between Lumbridge and Varrock – it’s right north of the Lumbridge cow farm, and kill the cows to get raw beef. Other than those ingredients, you need bowls which you can take from the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle or purchase in the GE or manufactured through Crafting. Each cooked stew grants you 117 xp.

• Level 35-55: Baking Plain pizza.

Plain pizza is made from one tomato, one cheese and one pizza baze – it’s sort of like a Margherita. The pizza base is made by using a pot of flour on a jug of water or you can directly buy it from Fat Tony in the Bandit Camp (it’s 4 coins each). The respanw rate of the shop supply is slow though and you have to wait a lot if you don’t want to make the base yourself. Cheese and tomatoes can be grabbed from Aggie’s house or at Fat Tony’s camp but Draynor lacks a support of cooking ranges so you have to travel a lot and Fat Tony is in the Wilderness so there’s a chance you’re going to be attacked. Each plain pizza cooked grants 143 xp and cooking them at the range in Al Kharid can earn like 180k xp/h.

• Level 55-99: Baking Anchovy pizza.

Turning plain pizza into anchovy pizza is always a success so on top of the 143 xp you get for every plain pizza you receive 39 more for combining it with anchovies. You can fish raw anchovies south of Lumbridge or in Draynor or Al Kharid. 

Baking pizza is a good way to reach level 99 after you’ve trained by cooking fish until level 55.

This was all from the Free-to-play 1-99 cooking guide OSRS and the pay-to-play 1-99 cooking guide OSRS! Follow it through and you’re immediately going to see fast and efficient results.

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