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Dragon Defender OSRS

Dragon defender OSRS ? What is that? a new episode of Games of Thrones that I don’t know about? No. Today we are going to talk about Old School Runescape Dragon defender and How to obtain a Dragon defender osrs?

Dragon Defender OSRS

There is a good reason why people choose to take Dragon defender, let’s find out why?

What is a Dragon defender?

Defenders are off-hand weapons that are wielded in the shield slot and provide positive attack bonuses. To wield a defender, you must have an Attack level high enough to wield a weapon of that metal and a Defence level high enough to wear an armor of that metal. 

The dragon defender is the second strongest defender in Old School RuneScape, and it’s considered to be one of the most powerful off-hand weapons that you can have. That is why so many players in OSRS are trying to obtain the Dragon defender, but to be able to obtain it is not a very easy job to do.

There are eight defenders that you can get from the Warriors Guild, the Dragon defender is the last one and the most powerful one that you can get. There is an interesting fact that we must mention the Dragon defender.

If you are a high-level player and you have the necessary requirements you can upgrade your Dragon defender to Avernic defender which is the best off-hand weapon that is wielded in the shield slot in the game.

The Location of the Warriors Guild

The Warriors’ Guild is a large building located just west of Burthorpe, founded by Harrallak Menarous. You can get there by using a Combat bracelet to teleport directly outside the guild or Games necklace to teleport you in Burthorpe, just east of the guild.

Requirements and Items

Before you can get the dragon defender osrs you need to have level 60 Defence and you must be able to enter the cyclops’ chamber in the Warriors Guild. In order to enter the Warriors Guild, you need 130 combined levels between attack and strength or your attack and strength must be level 99.

This is the recommended items that you need:

  • Lots of food (Lobster or better)
  • prayer potions if using prayer 
  • Dragon weapons or better
  • Rune Armour or better
  • Extra set of Armour (Black armor or mithril armor)

How to obtain a Dragon defender?

After you enter the Warriors Guild you need to kill Animated black armor for Warriors Guild tokens, and to do that you need black platebody, Black platelegs, and black full helm. 

You have to kill the Animated black armor a couple of times to drop you the Warriors Guild tokens that you can use later. Keep in mind that these tokens are like corance that you can use to buy time to kill cyclops, and you will need to collect about 500 Warriors Guild tokens.

After you collect 500 Warriors Guild tokens go to the top floor of the Warriors Guild, and talk to the lady in front of the cyclops training room. When you enter the room every minute you will lose 10 tokens.

The next step is to start killing the cyclops to drop your defender and as I said before there are eight defenders that you can get from the Warriors Guild. You need to start from the Bronze defender all the way to Dragon defender.

Dragon Defender OSRS

The cyclops will drop defenders one by one and you just have to take them to the lady outside and enter again for the next one, that is the process that you have to do. 

When you reach Rune Defender which will take you a lot of time to get, go down to the basement behind the Warriors Guild. You can use your Rune Defender on the lady in the basement, and you will be able to enter into the next cyclops room to get the Dragon defender.

A good thing to know is that the Cyclops Level in that room is 107 which is much higher than the previous room of cyclops. You will have one in a hundred chances of dropping the Dragon defender, but if you are lucky you may get a faster drop.


This is all the information you will need to get Dragon defender if I missed something please excuse me. I hope you found this article helpful, I wish you good luck and have fun.