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Dragon Slayer 2 OSRS Guide The Ultimate Guide

Dragon Slayer is a sequel to the original Dragon Slayer quest from 2001 and it was released on January 4th, 2018. It’s a very long quest and a very difficult one too – its official difficulty is “grandmaster”, so you need significant preparations and skills to complete it. Dragon slayer 2 osrs is the sequence.

Let’s check out what’s the story behind Dragon Slayer episode 2! It’s about the history of Crandor – 30 years before a powerful adventurer woke up Elvarg from her sleep, it used to be a thriving island with great traditions and many mages and explorers. As you can see, the Crandor we know today is quite different from what it was in the past. If you want to uncover the secrets of what changed it, completing the quest will help you down this road.

But before you get started, make sure you meet all of the requirements, necessary for participation.

Dragon Slayer 2 Requirements

To start doing the Dragon Slayer 2 quest, you must:

• Have 200 Quest points. QP are the reward you get after you complete quests. One quest grants you between 1 and 6 points, except for Recipe for Disaster which is split into 10 sub-quests, therefore grants you a lot more in total. As you can calculate for yourself, having 200 Quest points means you’re a pro in quests and have completed a lot of them. That’s actually the highest quest points requirement for taking a quest.

• There is a list of quests you must complete before taking on this one. Buckle up because we’re starting listing! You must complete Legends’ Quest but to complete it, you must also complete Family Crest, Heroes’ Quest, Shield of Arrav, Lost City, Merlin’s Crystal, Dragon Slayer, Underground Pass, Biohazard, Plague City, and Waterfall Quest. Whew!!! That’s quite something, isn’t it? And we’re only getting started! Next on the list of quests you should complete before you start doing Dragon Slayer episode 2 is Dream Mentor. Its requirements include completing Lunar Diplomacy, The Fremennik Trials, Lost City, Rune Mysteries, Shillo Village, Jungle Potion, Eadgar’s Ruse, Druidic Ritual, Troll Stronghold, and Death Plateau. In order to stop boring you with all these quest names, we’re just going to list the other five quests you need to complete without mentioning the quests that are included in their requirements: that’s A Tail of Two Cats, Animal Magnetism, Ghosts Ahoy, Bone Voyage, and Client of Kourend. Pretty tough job, isn’t it? That’s why usually only very skilled and experienced players complete the Dragon Slayer 2 OSRS quest.

• Now let’s move on to the items required for starting Dragon Slayer 2. From the tools, you’re going to need: a pickaxe, an axe, a hammer, a machete, a saw, glassblowing pipe, chisel, spade, and pestle and mortar. You also need to bring 8 oak planets, 10 swamp paste, at least 12 nails but it’s better to bring more because they can bend, goutweed, cut dragonstone, 2 molten glass, astral rune, tinderbox, and runes for 3 Fire Wave spells or 3 Fire Surge spells. There are two amulets that you need – Catspeak and Ghostspeak. Bring also Astral rune and a Seal of passage – the Seal is only necessary if elite Fremennik Diary isn’t done. Some items are not necessary but it’s recommended that you bring them along – that’s stamina potions, Serpentine helm or anti-venom+, teleports to some places, most importantly Musa Point, Fossil Island Lunar Isle, and Rellekka, and in general some high-tier equipment for combat, high-healing food, and prayer pots. There are a lot of items it’s good to have for Dragon Slayer episode 2 so you can buy cheap OSRS gold right here and prepare yourself for the quest!

Dragon Slayer 2 Guide

We’ve put together a quick walkthrough of the Dragon Slayer 2 quest so you can make sure you know what to do.

• Starting off

 For this stage, only a pickaxe is required. It’s recommended you bring an amulet of glory, digsite pendant, and equip some gear for slaying a level 100 monster. 

To start the quest, talk to Alec Kincade right outside the Myths’ Guild. Then you need to go to the Karamja pub at Musa Point and talk to Dallas Jones. And yes, you guessed correctly – the starting off involves a lot of talking! The next step is to go to Elvarg’s Lair under Crandor and to speak to Dallas Jones once more. There is a shortcut through the volcano on Karamja you can take to get there faster. After this, you need to investigate the northern wall and the blockage in it, and then mine it with the pickaxe. After entering the tunnel, inspect the machinery on the east for some old notes, and then investigate the Ancient Mural to the north, where you will be attacked by a level 100 spawn that you must kill. Investigate the mural again and talk to your old pal Dallas Jones. He will tell you to go to the House on the Hill where you can meet him again. 

• The House on the Hill

dragon slayer 2 osrs

 Time for the famous Dragon Slayer 2 puzzle! The required items for this stage of the quest are 8 oak planks, 10 swamp paste, the nails, a hammer, and a saw. Here’s a quick tip: hand in the map pieces you received in the house before you go outside the house. There is an open Stone Chest upstairs and downstairs. 

Go to Fossil Island to access the House on the Hill. The quickest way to reach it is through an enchanted digsite pendant which requires you to have traveled to the house at least once. Talk to Dallas Jones there – he will tell you that the grid on the floor is a map of the island and you need to find 24 map pieces near or around the House. You shouldn’t go past the bridges though. Find the 8 map pieces that are located within the House first and hand them to Dallas to save inventory space. There are 5 pieces in the open chest north, 3 more in the open stone chest upstairs, then 4 more pieces in the Fungi just north of the staircase. You will find 7 more pieces in the Hook briar south of the house and the remaining 5 pieces in the mushtree to the east. After you’ve collected all 24 Dragon Slayer 2 osrs map pieces, talk to Dallas Jones and start arranging the map. You can click the pieces of the Dragon Slayer 2 osrs puzzle to rotate them and drag them to swap them. After all the pieces are correctly positioned, the puzzle will close and appear on the floor. You must talk to Dallas Jones again, then go to talk to Jardric at the museum camp. This is where the items you brought along will be needed – go to the west side of the island – that’s on the coast just southwest of the Magic Mushtree, and build a rowboat with the items.

• To Lithkren! 

There are no items required here. You have to talk to Dallas Jones and board the boat, then head northwest from the boat to the ruined courtyard, where you have to climb the western stairs. After this, you need to climb down the south trapdoor, take the stairs down to the north, then follow the path, and meet Dallas at the bottom. Yeah, this guy is basically everywhere. Talk to him and search the skeleton to the east, then read Aivas’ diary. That’s when you talk to Dallas…once again. And you find out Rober the Strong whom you need to find was reincarnated into Bob the Cat.

• Bob the cat

You need the Catspeak amulet for this stage. It’s recommended you bring along something to transport you quickly to Sophanem. You must find Bob the Cat by using your Catspeak amulet and talk to him. He appears in different areas for everyone but there are some common places where he can be located. The fastest way to get to him is to go to anvils in west Varrock and hop worlds. 

After you speak to Bob, go to Sophanem, and talk to the Sphinx. The Sphinx will grant you the ability to speak to cats without the amulet, and you will find out she can’t help you but you will remember who can.

• Robert the Strong 

dragon slayer 2 osrs

The items required for this part are Seal of passage, 1 astral rune, a hammer, a pestle and mortar, goutweed, tinderbox, and some melee gear on. It would be wise to bring a good crush weapon and to bring a lot of high-healing food. Make sure you have 1 free inventory space left.

What you need to do is go to Lunar Isle and talk to the Oneiromancer. She will give you tips on how to make a dream potion that will bring back Bob’s memories. You have to crush the astral rune with a hammer, then grind the shards with pestle and mortar. To complete the potion, fill the dream vial the Oneiromancer has given you with water – the sink is left of the town bank, and add goutweed and the ground astral rune. After that, it’s time to gear up for a fight, light the Ceremonial Brazier which is in the largest building on the island, and use your Dream potion on the flame. Talk to Bob and Not Bob to find out you must defeat Robert the Strong who uses Ranged. He can’t be fought with Ranged or Magic. You can use Prayer during the fight but he hits through Protect from Missiles. However, the damage is still reduced. His crush defence is the lowest so it’s best to use that kind of attack. If you’re using Verac the Defiled’s equipment, you get crush bonuses and a 25% chance to ignore Rober’s defences. If you’re a lower level player with less than 70 Defence/Attack, use granite equipment and a lead-bladed battleaxe. If you die during the fight, you don’t keep your untradeables automatically as usual, but you can reclaim all of your items from a check for 100k gold. If you die again before you reclaim them, they vanish.

Another important thing you should know about fighting Robert the Strong is to run behind one of the pillars to avoid his special attack when he screams “See if you can hide from this!”. Being hit by it deals up to 60 damage and knocks off your prayers.

After you kill Robert, Bob remembers everything. If you leave the dream, you don’t have to remake the dream potion, just talk to Bob again and you can re-enter. 

• Dragon Key

You must talk to Bob again and collect the four parts of the key that opens the door on Lithkren. The four parts are in four different locations.

The items required for the Karamja key piece are a machete and any kind of axe. If you have 79 level Agility, you can access a vine shortcut in the Kharazi Jungle and you won’t need the axe or machete. It’s recommended that you bring food and stamina potions and at least one prayer potion. 

To get to Karamja, take the gnome glider or bring 200 coins for the Brimhaven cart ride. You can also teleport to the Gem Mine beneath Shilo Village with the Karamja gloves.

Go to the southeastern coast of the Kharazi Jungle and take the staircase down to the maze. It’s important to turn off Auto Retaliate here. Go to the center of the maze and take the key piece. There are traps and spikes which you can avoid with Thieving and Agility. Protection prayers can be used to protect you from the golems’ attacks. When you get the key piece, use the plinth to transport you out. 

To take the Morytania key piece, you need to grab your Ghostspeak amulet, a cut dragonstone, 2 molten glass, a glassblowing pipe, a spade, and a chisel. It’s recommended to grab also ectophial, amulet of glory, food, a stamina potion, and some filled druid pouches if you haven’t lit the Fire of Dehumidification.

Go to the Varrock Castle library and talk to Reldo, then search the second bookcase from the north on the west side of the central row. Speak to Reldo again and go to Port Phasmatys, where you must speak to Sarah, located west of the bank. Go to Dragon Manor with the cut dragonstone, the molten glass, the glassblowing pipe, and the chisel and use the pipe on the dragonstone. Use the inert locator orb on Ava to get a locator orb, then head to Mort Myre Swamp where with the help of the locator you can find the buried key piece. The locator hurts you each time you use it, that’s why you need the food. Dig up the piece with the spade when you find it.

Next on this Dragon Slayer 2 osrs quick guide is locating the Ungael key piece. Put on some Ranged gear, you also need dragonfire and venom protection, food, and prayer. It’s recommended to bring Crumble Undead runes, toxic blowpipe, super antifire potion, a ranging and prayer pot, anti-venom+, salve amulet (ei), and some high-healing food.

Go in Relekka and ask Brundt the Chieftain about the dragonkin fortress. Go the north part of the dock and talk to Torfinn to go to Ungael, then kill Vorkath. Before fighting him put on Protect from Magic and drink your anti-venom+, Super antifire, and Ranging pots. Re-pot during the fight because Super antifire has a very short duration. Vorkath has different attacks, including melee. The most damaging ones are the orange fireball he shoots in the air – just move several squares away from your location to evade it, and the pink fireball – it knocks off your prayers, so you must turn them back on. Every six ordinary attacks, Vorkath uses one of his two special attacks. In one of them, he will spit acid over the crater and fire fireballs rapidly at you. You need to find a straight line that’s clear of acid and to walk back and forth to avoid the fireballs. Focus on your movement and avoiding the attack. The other one is basically Vorkath hitting you with Dragonfire barrage, freezing you in an ice block. That’s when he summons a Zombified spawn that creeps slowly towards you and deals 30 damage if it reaches you. You must kill it before it gets you. Crumble Undead kills it with one hit. 

dragon slayer 2 osrs

After you kill Vorkath, climb over the ice chunks north of the crater and walk along the path to the northwest. There’s a cave there, enter it. Don’t forget your anti-venom+ because there are venomous spiders inside. In the southwest section, there’s a lever you must pull. Run to the room on the east wall after that – you need at least 15% running energy, and search the stone chest for the piece of the dragon key and an ancient key.

Good job, now there’s only one piece left! For the Kourend key piece, you need only food, a light source, and gear that will protect you from high-level skeletons. Go to Shayzien and speak to Amelia, located southwest of their bank. There is a crypt, which you can enter through the south-western part of the Graveyard of Heroes. You must go inside but be cautious because it’s full of powerful and aggressive skeletons and zombies that can attack with all three combat styles. Go to the bottom of the crypt and inspect the tomb there to find the Dragon Slayer 2 osrs puzzle. 

The solution to the puzzle is different for everyone. You have to put four statues in four different directions based on where they come from or what is their weapon.

After you solve the puzzle, search the tomb to get the last piece of the Dragon key.

In the last stage, you need to reforge the key. You need the 4 key pieces, the ancient key you found, hammer, and 3 casts of Fire Wave. It’s good to bring food, dragonfire protection, games necklace, and a digsite pendant. 

Go to the Ancient Cavern and reach the mithril dragon area. Open the mithril door in the middle of the area, where the three mithril dragons are grouped, and caste Fire Wave or Fire Surge on their dragon heads. Leave the room after this go east down the staircase, then reach the south-western area of the caverns and climb the stairs there. There are anvils here that you can use to forge the Dragon key. After this, return to Fossil Island and use the Rowboat to Lithkren. Go west to the abandoned building and climb the stairs, after which go down the trapdoor and the staircase. Straight past the last stairway you will see the Grandiose doors, which you can open with the Dragon key. Enter them and speak to Dallas to start a cutscene and after it’s over, finish the dialogue with Jardric and Bob.

• A World United

For this stage, there are no required items but it will be good to bring teleports to Ardougne, Rellekka, Falador, and 2 to Varrock. 

Go to Varrock and talk to King Roald about the dragon threat, then speak with these rules about the same topic in any order whatsoever: sir Amik Varze in Falador, Brundt the Chieftain in Rellekka, and King Lathas (known as King Thoros after Song of the Elves) in East Ardougne. After this, return to Varrock and go in the dining room, located north of the throne room. There is a meeting there. After you leave the room, talk to Bob.

dragon slayer 2 osrs

• The Assault

You need 4 free inventory spaces, dragonfire protection, good combat gear, and a lot of food. It’s recommended that you bring antidote++, ranged gear, toxic blowpipe, super antifire potion, a stamina pot, and insulated boots.

Go to Rellekka and take the boat to Ungael by speaking to Torfinn. There will be a dragon assault on your ship for 4 minutes and you need to hold it off. Click on leaks to fill them, and on fires to douse them. The injured Fremennik warriors will be healed if you click them and the damaged masts will be repaired. if the ship’s integrity falls to 0%, you will have to restart.

Put on your dragonfire protection and make your way towards Varrock’s grand ship. On the way, you will be fighting a red, iron, and brutal green dragon. Kill the two green and two blue dragons battling the Varrockian soldiers. It’s important to know there is a checkbpoint after killing those four dragons. 

Now there will be two waves of dragons to kill – meanwhile Galvek, the Dragon Slayer 2 osrs final boss, has boarded the ship. The first wave will be black, steel, and brutal red dragons arriving on the ship one at a time. You have to kill them while managing to evade Galvek’s dragonfire ball attack. Watch out for when he starts doing a casting animation and run away from your location. There is a checkpoint after killing the brutal red dragon.

dragon slayer 2 osrs

The next wave consists of mithril, adamant, and then rune dragons, arriving one at a time. You need to keep evading Galvek’s attack, while killing the dragons. The dragons have a melee, ranged, magic, and dragonfire attack. Watch out for the special attack: the adamant dragon has a ranged attack with the Blood Forfeit effect that hits through Protect from Missiles and a poison attack that splashes and lands on the squares around, doing a lot of damage. It’s best to use Antidote++ or something else for poison immunity. The rune dragon has special attacks too: a ranged one with the Life Leech effect that hits through Protect from Missiles, and an electric attack that hits the squares around and deals rapid damage. Insulated boots can minimize the damage. There is a checkpoint after killing the rune dragon, so teleport out and prepare for the final battle.

• The Final Battle

For the final stage, you need dragonfire protection – shield and potion are required, and ranged gear. It’s recommended that you take ruby bolts (e) or ruby dragon bolts (e), 1 or 2 super restore potions, ranging pot, some high-healing food, and a stamina potion. Turn the Auto Retaliate off before you start.

What you need to do is quite clear – kill the Dragon Slayer 2 final boss Galvek. He has four phases that have 300 hp each. You need to avoid his fireballs targeted at the ground and to remember to turn on your prayers after his pink dragonfire ball knocks them off. If you set your quick prayers to Protect from Magic and Eagle Eye/Rigour, there’s a higher chance to counter this attack. Protect from Magic is useful in phase 1, while Protect from Missiles is better in stages 2,3 and 4.

dragon slayer 2 osrs

Phase 1: Galvek drops eight fire traps which you shouldn’t get near because they will hit all your health. It’s best to stay along the north side of the ship, positioned one square south of Galvek, and run two squares south to avoid the attack. Return to your position once the fireball misses you.

Phase 2: He will launch a transparent projectile which drains your stats, especially your run energy.

Phase 3: Waves will be summoned from either the north or south end, so you must stay in the gap to avoid them. This is why your auto retaliate must be turned off – you may get pulled from the gap if it’s on.

Phase 4: Galvek launches earth projectiles. You need to avoid them or you will be bound and will most likely die.

To kill Galvek, it’s highly recommended to use Ranged because he is just as weak against it as he is against stabbing attacks, but it’s safer to deal damage from a distance. If both you and Galvek die at the same time, you don’t have to fight him again. 

To finish the Dragon Slayer 2 osrs quest, return to Alec Kincade after the memorial service at Burthorpe.

Dragon Slayer 2 Rewards

Of course, after such a long adventure, there should be plenty of rewards! 

You get:

• 5 Quest points;

• 25k Smithing xp

• 18k Mining xp

• 15k Agility xp

• 15k Thieving xp

• Ability to speak to cats without the Catspeak amulet

• Access to the Myths’ Guild:

– you get the ability to make Super antifire potions by talking to Primula,

– 4 x 25k xp in Magic, Ranged, Strength, Attack, Hitpoints, and Defence by talking to Ellen,

– access to Fountain of Uhld where you can recharge dragonstone jewellery except for the ring of wealth,

– access to the Pool of dreams where you can fight Galvek again,

– access to the wrath altar.

• Many abilities, such as an ability to create an Ava’s assembler and to reforge the dragon platebody and kiteshield.

Dragon Slayer 2 OSRS is long and difficult but the rewards and the experience are definitely worth it! Hope you enjoyed this Dragon Slayer 2 guide.

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