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Dream Mentor OSRS Quest Guide

In this article, we are going to talk about the Dream mentor OSRS quest, which is from the second last quest from the Fremennik series and takes place on Lunar Isle. What will you do in the Dream mentor OSRS quest? In this quest, you must help a fellow adventurer that doesn’t do so well against threats.

With perseverance and the magical help of the Moon Clan, there should be no monster that can’t be defeated. But is that true? How about the monsters in your dreams? How about your inescapable fears? How would you defeat them? Well, you’ll soon find out so let’s start this quest.

Requirements and Items For the Dream Mentor OSRS

This quest doesn’t need too many requirements, first and very important is that you need to complete the other quest from the Fremennik series. The names of the quest are The Fremennik Trials, Lunar Diplomacy, and other quests like Lost City, Rune Mysteries, Shilo Village, Jungle Potion, Eadgar’s Ruse, Druidic Ritual, Troll Stronghold, Death Plateau.

The last requirement for the Dream mentor OSRS is to have 85 Combat. Moving on to the items, you need a seal of passage, 3 Different kinds of food that are edible, Goutweed, astral rune, Tinderbox, Hammer, pestle and mortar, dragon dagger, good armour, good food such as sharks, and super potion sets.

Helping The Fallen Man

To start the Dream mentor OSRS you must go to Lunar Isle, after that head north-east from the bank, and go down the mine. Then crawl through the passageway to reach the fallen man south-east of where you entered the cave. 

Inspect the fallen man and help him, this will open a status screen. You will need to increase his three stat bars, in this order: health, spirit, and armament. To feed him, you should take three kinds of food. 

dream mentor osrs

It doesn’t matter what kind of food, take seven pieces of two kinds and six of the third. Cyrisus will reject any type of food that he has eaten recently, either the last piece of food or the one before that. Use the one piece of the two foods that you have seven of on Cyrisus to feed him, followed by the one that you have six of. 

Continue feeding him in this order until the chat box says he doesn’t need any more food. If he refuses the food, you already fed it to him recently, so just give him a different kind of food. You will have to feed him four separate times, with dialogue in between. 

You can increase his spirit by talking to him, but just try to choose the most positive things. This part is long, but there are no consequences if you get it wrong. Make sure he’s standing up and both his health and spirit are at least at 70 and 72% before you leave the cave.

For armour, go to the bank on Lunar Isle and talk to the most right banker ‘Birds-Eye’ Jack. Tell him you want to access Cyrisus’ bank account and then select a helmet, top, legs, boots, and weapon. 

The easiest way to check if you got the right armour is to use the level 67 Lunar spell, NPC Contact, to ask Cyrisus whether you chose right. It may take several tries, but he will tell you that your choice is just right, take that set to him in the cave. 

Now, you have to reach 100% in all of his remaining stats. When Cyrisus has reached 100% in all stats, he’ll tell you that he’s afraid of Combat. But you have to agree to accompany him to the Oneiromancer, and exit the mine. 

Making The Potion

Head south to the Oneiromancer she is on the south-east of the island near the Astral altar. Talk to her and Cyrisus will appear, the Oneiromancer will suggest going into Dreamland together to solve Cyrisus’ fear of combat. The Oneiromancer will give you a dream vial which you will fill with water.

You need to obtain some goutweed, either by growing a gout tuber or by stealing it from the troll kitchens during Eadgar’s Ruse quest. Use the goutweed with the vial and use a hammer with an astral rune, and then use a pestle and mortar on the result add this to the potion to get a dream potion.

Last Part of The Quest: The battles

For this part, you have to enter into a dream world, but be careful because the first form of the boss hits incredibly hard. He is the most difficult part of the fight, while the other three are safespottable. 

If you are using melee for this part of the quest you should take a halberd to tackle the second and third forms of the boss. You must complete Regicide to use a Dragon halberd, but a Rune halberd has no requirement other than level 40 Attack and 20 Strength.

Before entering the dream world bank and prepare for a hard fight. So stocking up with high-quality food like sharks, tuna potatoes, etc. If you can use the Blood spells from the Ancient spellbook or you can use Blood Blitz instead. Also, you will need a tinderbox to light the brazier, the dream potion. 

Light the brazier and talk to Cyrisus to enter the dream state. You will enter his dream world where you will have to fight many high-level monsters in a row, without Prayer. The first form can use Magic but won’t do so when you melee it, so kill all the monsters with melee combat.

dream mentor osrs

When you are fighting The Inadequacy use a dragon dagger which is very effective against him. Otherwise, the blowpipe is also a very effective weapon, because it can hit rapidly and the boss seems to have a relatively low ranged defense.

Magic is also extremely efficient even in melee armour as this monster has almost no magical defense. Don’t try to fight the Doubts, as they will disappear after the Inadequacy is defeated, so set Auto Retaliate to off to avoid fighting them.

Next, the second and third monsters can be fought with a halberd, you can use safespots right beside the lectern. The bar above will show Cyrisus’s Courage, which will increase as you fight and when the bar fills, Cyrisus will attack or use “Vengeance Other” on you.

Place your character right beside the lectern, and the second and third monsters will not be able to attack you. This is a good time to use a halberd, but if you want you can use ranged weapons for the second and third monsters.

The second monster is a level 223 called “The Everlasting”. For this boss, it is recommended to tank him so you can safespot the next one with a dragon halberd. Don’t forget to move off from the safespot, immediately after The Everlasting dies because you can get attacked from the next boss upon spawning.

dream mentor osrs

The third monster is “The Untouchable”, which should be much easier than the first form but this one has high Defence. The fourth monster is The Illusive who will appear and disappear regularly during this battle, simply run after it to its new spawn-point and hit it.

The Illusive will then burrow and re-emerge and it will begin in the middle of the room each time, which should make it easier to spot his new location. The Illusive is similar in combat conditions to a Giant Mole, except that it does not run so far and rarely hits back.

After you’re done with all the bosses, go back to the Oneiromancer on the south-east of Lunar Isle and Cyrisus will be waiting for you to talk to the Oneiromancer to complete the quest.

Rewards From Dream Mentor OSRS Quest

dream mentor osrs
  • 2 Quest points
  • 15,000 Hitpoints experience
  • 10,000 Magic experience
  • 7 new spells added to your Lunar spells book
  • Dreamy lamp, which awards 15,000 experience in a combat skill of a player’s choosing, apart from Attack and Prayer.
  • ‘Birds-Eye’ Jack will now allow you to use the bank without a seal of passage equipped or in your inventory.

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