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How To Choose RS Gold Seller

When a gamer decides to buy RuneScape gold — either Old School RuneScape gold, or RuneScape 3 gold — he or she would not only search the web for the best deals, but also should choose RS gold seller. The top 3 things to consider are price, reputation and website:

  1. Do not look for miracles — they don’t exist! Life experience shows that if something sounds too good to be true it’s usually not. RuneScape gold price is not an exception. As obtaining RuneScape gold is a time-consuming process of carrying out tasks, selling goods or looting drops in game, beware of RS gold offered at price much less than what most site sell at.
  2. Choose RuneScape gold seller with trackable RS community feedback, who operates social media accounts, and runs a legal entity (company). Such RuneScape sellers have too much to lose to do fraud.
  3. Before buying RuneScape gold check seller’s website for processing fees, hidden taxes, etc. that inflate the final cost. Also, make sure RuneScape gold seller website has Live Chat. This way any questions or issues that may arise will be resolves instantly. Finally, see if RS gold provider website offers more than one payment method. This means he cares for customers ease and sutisfaction.