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RS Money Making Glitches

The term glitch is common in computing, electronics and gaming industries. It refers to a slight and temporary fault in a system. Glitch is not to be mistaken with “bug”, which is more serious software functionality-breaking problem. Glitch is rather mysterious and unknowable inflicted by… Read More »RS Money Making Glitches

First And Most Famous RS NPC

RuneScape game is populated with many non-player characters (NPC’s). They are not controlled by a player, but by a computer, and have pre-defined functions, such as store owners, quest contacts, bankers or civilians. Many non-player characters perform other vital duties like give out quests, sell… Read More »First And Most Famous RS NPC

Top 3 Most Rewarded RS Quests

Each RuneScape quest consists of several linked tasks within a common story-line. Some RuneScape quests take minutes, others – hours and even days. By completing different quests the player gets various rewards – experience, items, access to new areas, minigames or miniquests. In 2018 the… Read More »Top 3 Most Rewarded RS Quests