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Hunter Guide OSRS 1-99

Hunter Guide OSRS

Hunter OSRS is the latest skill in the game and it’s available only for members. It’s non-combat, but you can still take damage while you’re training. The higher you level, the more creatures you can access for hunting and the bigger xp you get. Leveling up also allows you to lay more traps at once so it makes the training faster.

 If you want to get your Hunter level to 99, you need to plan your training very well because it’s a not very afkable skill and doing it properly will save you a lot of time and effort. This is why we brought to you this Hunter guide OSRS to provide you with the fastest Hunter training method which gives you the best xp rate!

hunter guide osrs

Hunter OSRS Basics

Before we get to the actual Hunter OSRS guide, let’s go through some of the basic stuff you need to know in order to train properly. Now, as mentioned before, the higher your level, the more traps you can lay. However, if you’re training in the Wilderness, you can always lay one trap more than you can outside the Wilderness on your current level. 

You start by laying one trap only, while in the Wilderness you can lay 2. At level 20 you can lay down 2 traps and in the Wilderness you can lay down 3. At 40 you can lay 3 traps, at 60 – 4 traps and the largest amount of traps you can lay is 5 and it’s unlocked at level 80 Hunter. In the Wilderness, accordingly, you can lay up to 6 traps.

hunter guide osrs

When it comes to equipment: most hunting spots are far away from a bank, so it’s best to use weight-reducing clothing. Remember to always bring with you everything you need when you’re going to your spot, so you don’t have to run back to the bank, it can be very time- and energy-consuming. To obtain easier access to hunter areas, it’s best to start the “A Fairy Tale Part 2 – Cure a Queen” quest. This will give you access to fairy rings and you don’t even have to complete the entire quest to get them, just a small portion.

The items you’re going to need and which you can get from Hunter shops, are:

• Noose wand for tracking kebbits;

• Bird snares for catching birds;

• Butterfly nets + butterfly jars to net butterflies;

• Axe and knife to deadfall trap kebbits;

• Small fishing net and rope to net trap lizards or salamanders;

• Box trap for chinchompas (in order to be able to set box traps, you need to complete the Eagles’ Peak quest).

Another useful thing to know about training Hunter OSRS is that you receive many types of fur when you hunt and you can trade them all at the fancy dress shop, located in south-east Varrock, and receive various kinds of hunter gear. Kebbit, weasel and devil fur is used to make camouflage clothing for the area where the fur came from – however, the camouflage doesn’t really improve your chances of capturing your prey. 

You can also make a spotted and a spottier cape in the fancy dress shop, which reduces your weight so you can run longer, and the gloves of silence which you can make from dark kebbit fur makes pickpocketing easier.

hunter guide osrs 1-99

Hunter OSRS Guide 1-99

• Level 1-9 – Natural History Quiz

That’s an easy way to skip the early training on Kebbits – you just need to go to the Varrock Museum and complete the Natural History Quiz.

• Level 1-7-15 – Polar Kebbits

Polar Kebbits are located in the hunter area northeast of Rellekka. All you need is a noose wand which you can get from a hunter shop or another player. To catch the kebbits, you need to search the burrow of one by clicking on it and following the tracks to find the kebbit’s next place to hide. When you find it, you snare it with the noose wand by searching the snow drift and right-clicking and choosing the option to attack the snow drift. It’s important to remember that this is not a linear experience where you simply follow the tracks. Nah, the kebbit is not where the tracks lead – when you find the tracks, your job is to figure out where the kebbit went next. Once you start doing it, you’re going to get more familiar with the area and notice the patterns of their hiding. For example, it’s quite common for kebbits to come out of a different hole out of the burrow complex than the one where their tracks lead to. There are a limited set of possible places for hiding and they all depend on where their track were, so it’s not very difficult to hunt them. 

• Level 7-15-80 – Bird house traps

You can set up and check bird house traps on Fossil Island every 50 minutes and get that way up to level 80 if you don’t want to switch. This is a good method if you’re not in a rush and wish to get to level 99 without much effort and with no moving around. However, it doesn’t give the best xp rate possible. Even if you don’t stick with it till level 80, it’s still a good way to gain xp at the lower levels – at level 7 you may get up to 53,000 xp/h if you’re active. You can also make some profit out of it because bird nests contain birds and rings. 

In order to build a bird house trap, you need a clockwork and a corresponding log. You need 4 logs, a digsite pendant, a hammer, a chisel and 40 hop seeds of any kinds. If you use wildblood seeds, take only 20. It’s recommended to take an extra clockword with you so you can build a bird house while you’re running to the next one.

The process goes as – you teleport to Fossil Island with the pendant and run north to the mushtree. You use it to go to Verdant Valley where you check the eastern bird house and then the west one, then you run back to the mushtree. You use it to go to Mushroom Meadow and run north to check the bird house there. Then you run south for the swamp entrance for the final house. One run, banking included, can take up as little as 1 minute and 15 seconds.

• Level 7-15 – Feldip Weasels

If you don’t want to do Bird house traps, you must go to the Feldip Hunter area south of Yanille –  a•k•s on the fairy ring. Another quick way to reach it is by teleporting to Castle wars with the ring of dueling and walking south. There are two burrows in the area and ten nodes. What you must do is look for trails by searching a Jungle plant – each trail reveals a path to an adjacent node. After you search successfully 3 Jungle plants, the feldip weasel is in the next bush. You just right-click and attack the bush without even having to search it first. To catch feldip weasels, you need only a noose wand. Each weasel grants you 48 xp.

• Level 15-29 – Ruby harvests

You need a butterfly net and an inventory full of butterfly jars. To catch ruby harvests, you need to go to the Piscatoris Hunter area – a•k•q on the fairy ring. You can use Piscatoris teleport or run north along the west wall of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Butterflies can be caught right south of the yew tree there. By releasing them from the jars when you’ve filled them, you’re going to get around 15,000 xp/h. A way which requires less attention and effort is just to find your spawn location and camp the spot by sitting on it and spam clicking underneath the character. This grants a little less xp – around 12,000 per hour but it drains no energy and is more chill. Another thing you can do to speed up the process is to bring 2 bird snares to catch the copper long tails.

• Level 29-43-59 – Swamp lizards

To catch swamp lizards, you need a rope and a small fishing net for each trap. Bringing stamina pots is a good idea too – 3-4 for is good to have in your inventory. Wear weight-reducing equipment, if possible the graceful outfit, because having run energy is the important factor here. Drop the lizards from your inventory frequently in order to reduce the energy consumption. 

At level 37, you can bring one extra fishing net and rope and four hunter pots so you can boost to 40 and lay 3 traps. Swamp lizards are located in the swamp next to Canifis. Under level 35 Hunter you make about 20-25k xp/h. As the levels rise, you can obtain over 40k. The higher your level, the better xp you get in this area. If you train on swamp lizards after 55, you can around 50k-54k per hour. 

osrs hunter guide

• Level 43-59 – Falconry

hunter guide osrs

In case you don’t like catching Swamp lizards, you can move on to Falconry. You may start catching Spotted kebbits with the help of a falcon. The process goes as follows: 

• withdraw at least 500 coins but it’s best if you take at least 1000;

• deposit any gloves, weapon or shield you have because you need both your hands free;

• go to the Piscatoris Hunter area (fairy ring a•k•q) and enter the Falconry;

• rent a gyr falcon but you should know that re-entering the Falconry mode requires the 500 coins fee again;

• track down spotted kebbits and attack them with the falcon.

This will give you better xp than the Swamp lizards – it grants from 35,000 to 55,000 xp per hour, but it’s far more click-intensive. If you bring a bonecrusher, it will bury the kebbits’ bones so you’ll spend less time dropping them from your inventory. At level 57, you can also catch Dark kebbits which give better xp. Your xp rate will increase up to 63,000/h when you catch a mix of the two.

• Level 59-67 – Red salamanders

Red salamanders can be spotted right south of the entrance of Ourania Cave. You can reach them with the Ourania teleport from the Lunar Spellbook or by teleporting to Castle Wars and walking north. Another way is by using a spirit tree to teleport to the Khazard Battlefield and walking west. 

To increase your xp at level 59 while you can still place only 3 traps, take hunter pots – you’re going to need only 2 to get from 59 to 60. If you can set 4 traps at 59, you’re going to get around 75k-80k xp/h. After level 60 Hunter, the xp rate go up to 100,000 if you’re completely focused. Always take at least one extra net and rope in case you lose one of yours. Wear the graceful outfit to ensure you always have run energy. You may catch red salamanders until level 80 but it’s not recommended after that as there are only 4 trees available in the area.

• Level 67-73-80 – Black salamanders

You can catch black salamanders in the Wilderness by using net traps. To access it quickly, teleport to Chaos temple with a burning amulet and run north east. 

Black salamanders give the best xp rates until level 73 with an average going between 75,000 and 105,000 and rising as high as 115,000 at level 80. If you’re attacked, you can teleport away.

• Level 73-99 – Black chinchompas

First things first, you need to complete the Eagles’ Peak quest in order to be able to set box traps. 

In order to get there, use a waka canoe from Edgeville to the Wilderness pond – this requires 57 Woodcutting, or use a Wilderness Obelisk to level 35 Wilderness and run south-east. 

To place traps one tick faster, use tick manipulation. Also if you’re timing it correctly, you can actually lay a trap immediately after picking up another one – this is known as trap resetting. This is done by moving to the spot where you want to place the new trap in the same tick in which you laid the previous trap, picking up the next and clicking it as soon as you can. This will increase your xp rates by around 15% but it takes way more effort. The max xp you can get by using tick manipulation and being completely focused is upwards of 200,000 xp/h. If you’re using an alt account to kill stray chinchompas, you can get around 240,000 xp.

Catching black chinchompas is also extremely profitable.

Now, hunting black chinchompas gives the best xp. The problem with it is that they are located in level 32-36 Wilderness and on a very hot player-killing spot. It’s recommended to have 90+ Defence and Magic and to wear good defensive gear so you can escape easier if you’re attacked. It’s strongly recommended to have the Augury prayer as it increases your defenses by 25% when activated. If you can’t use it, Mystic might and Steel skin can do the job. You also need a teleport that works up to level 30 Wilderness such as amulet of glory.

The optimal setup for you will be:

• elysian spirit shield if you can afford it because its damage reduction effect make it great for overall tanking. If you can’t afford it, get the spectral shield – it has a +30 Magic defence bonus which helps to not get frozen or teleblocked. However, it’s worse when it comes to tanking Melee and Ranged. You can use a Dinh’s bulwark switch for them but that’s another expensive item on the setup. You may need to buy some cheap OSRS gold to afford it.

• toxic staff of the dead has +17 Magic defence bonus used mainly for its special attack, which halves all the Melee damage of your opponent for one minute. This, combined with the elysian spirit, makes you almost impossible to kill. You might use staff of light if staff of the dead is too expensive.

• serpentine helm has good Melee and Ranged defences and provides immunity to venom. If you don’t want to risk it on death, Torag’s helm is good too but brings an anti-venom+ with you.

• if you’re using an alt account for killing chinchompas, you might want to wear the Construction cape so you can quickly get back if you have to teleport out while you’re distracting the opponent with your alt account. If you don’t have the Construction cape, any skillcape can be used, followed by god capes. Fire cape is an option if you don’t mind risking it because it has better defensive stats than the skillcapes. If you’re not using an alt acc, wear Ranging cape, followed by Ava’s accumulator.

Hunter OSRS Ironman guide 1-99

Hunter is an extremely valuable skill for an Ironman. It’s a great source of money and valuables even from the early levels and it’s a good way to get glories if you don’t want to wait until higher crafting. The Hunter OSRS Ironman guide is not so different from the regular Hunter OSRS guide, however there are some specifics to be taken in mind.

• Level 1-9 – Natural History Museum Quiz

• Level 9-59 – Bird house traps

• Level 59-67 – Red salamanders

• Level 67-80-99 – Red chinchompas/Black chinchompas

Red chinchompas can be found in the Feldip Hunter area in the southern part of the Feldip hills. They are also known as carnivorous chinchimpas. You need to complete the Western Provinces diary to access the Red chinchompa hunting grounds, which is a small cave with 15 chinchompas just south of the Hunting expert.

When you catch the red chinchompas, they transform into stackable red chinchompas that can be wieled as ranged weapon. They give you a +70 ranged attack bonus and require 55 Ranged to wield. They are very popular among high-level rangers and hunters because they are the fastest way to reach 99 Ranged.

You can attack the carnivorous chinchompas but they explode when they’re killed and if you’re next to them, they will push you 1 square back and deal you 2 damage. To avoid this, you can set NPC attack options to right-click only.

You can start catching black chinchompas at level 73 but it’s recommended for Hardcore and Ultimate Ironmen to avoid them and stick to red ones.

If you want to kill Kree’arra for Armadyl armour you may stick with the chinchompas since that’s the best way to solo the boss.

• Level 80-99 – Herbiboars

Once you have enough chinchompas for Ranged training and a 85+ Herblore level, you can start tracking herbiboars on Fossil Island. You need to complete the Bone Voyage quest first. Herbiboars often give Herblore xp except Hunter. The amount depends on how many herbs you collected. If you wield magic secateurs, you have a higher chance of getting more and better herbs off the backs of the herbiboars. The overall xp/h rate is around 155k/h.

• • • 

Follow the Hunter OSRS guide or the Hunter OSRS Ironman guide thoroughly and you can rest assured this is the fastest and most efficient way to get to Hunter level 99! Stack up on cheap OSRS gold to be prepared as much as possible and get on the journey! Reaching such a high skill level is definitely something to be proud of.

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