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OSRS Kbd Guide (King Black Dragon OSRS Guide)

If you are in the hunting business and want to hunt some Dragons, this is the place for you. In this article, we are going to talk about the OSRS King Black Dragon. We are going to answer some questions like Who is King Black Dragon osrs? Where can we find him? How to kill King Black Dragon? And What equipment do you need?

Who is King Black Dragon?

King Black Dragon is one of the oldest bosses in Old School Runescape. He is also known as KBD among the players of OSRS. In case you didn’t notice, KBD is a three-headed dragon and as such he has a lair. 

The King Black Dragon OSRS is a dangerous boss, some of the OSRS players underestimate him but in my opinion, he is not that weak. OSRS KBD has a combat level of 276, which makes him one of the strongest dragons in Old School RuneScape.

He can be very deadly if you don’t have protection, King Black Dragon’s distinctive feature is that he will always fight back when attacked. One very interesting fact worth mentioning about OSRS KBD his lair is that players cannot attack each other inside, because King Black Dragon lair is not part of the Wilderness.

Where Can We Find The King Black Dragon?

OSRS King Black Dragon lair entrance is located in the Wilderness so be prepared to lose your items because it is not a friendly place. There are a couple of ways to enter KBD lair but I’m going to show you two of them because I think they are the best ones.

The first way is by using a burning amulet to teleport to the Lava Maze after that run west and then north along the fence, go through the gate and climb down the ladder in the lesser demon cage.

The second way is The Arceuus spellbook’s teleportation spell, Cemetery Teleport, that can be used to get to the KBD lair. It teleports you to the Forgotten Cemetery, just south of the KBD lair.

What Equipment and Requirements Do You Need?

There are no strict requirements for killing the King Black Dragon but you can’t be too careful with this boss. That is why I recommend you to have these stats – For using Melee you need Level 80 Attack, 80 Strength, 70 Hitpoints, 70 Prayer for the Piety prayer. Stats If using Ranged: level 80 Ranged, 70 Hitpoints, 75 Prayer.

King Black Dragon OSRS

Let’s talk about the equipment that you need, the setup you need for OSRS King Black Dragon is not cheap but I think you already know that. Here are all the items for Melee: Helm of neitiznot, Amulet of torture, Ardougne cloak 4, Proselyte hauberk, Proselyte cuisse, Rune boots, Dragonfire shield, Dragon hunter lance, Barrows gloves, Rada’s blessing 4, and Treasonous ring.

And now the items for Ranged: Blessed coif, Necklace of anguish, Ava’s assembler, Black d’hide body, Black d’hide chaps, Twisted bow, Dragon arrow, Pegasian boots, Archers ring, Ancient wyvern shield, Blessed vambraces.

King Black Dragon OSRS

Also, you are going to need some foods and potions for the Melee and Ranged, here is what you need antidote++ and extended antifire potions for poison and Dragonfire protection respectively.

King Black Dragon OSRS
King Black Dragon OSRS

Bring enough ranging potions to last for one trip, super restore potions and food, you should bring a teleport to house tablet to teleport out at the end of the trip.

The King Black OSRS Dragon Fighting Style?

First, let’s talk about the OSRS KBD fighting style, he uses two type attacks Melee and Dragonfire. OSRS KBD’s Dragonfire attack comes in four variants: fiery breath attack, toxic breath attack, shocking breath attack, and icy breath attack.

Almost all of the KBD Dragonfire attacks make up to 50 damage except his fiery breath attack which can give up to 65 damage. That’s why you will need Antifire shields, antifire potions and Protect from Magic to protect you from his fiery breath attacks.

I have to warn you about King Black Dragon OSRS icy breath attacks because if he successfully hits you with them it will freeze you for approximately 0.6 seconds. If you want to prevent that from happening you need an Ancient wyvern shield that can grant you immunity against this freezing effect or a combination of Antifire shields and Protect from Magic. 

The Melee attacks that KBD is using are usually when the player is standing in Melee distance and can hit you up to 25 damage. To protect yourself from KBD Melee attacks you should use an overhead Melee protection prayer called Protect from Melee, which you can use if you have level 43 Prayer.

How To Kill KBD?

We are going to discuss one effective strategy for killing OSRS King Black Dragon, the method is called Walk-under. For this method you are going to use a Twisted bow, a two-handed weapon which attacks speed is slower than that of the King Black Dragon OSRS.

By walking under OSRS KBD and you immediately after that attack him, you will be able to hide from the King Black Dragon’s attacks until you step out to perform another attack. By doing this method KBD will only perform 1 attack after every attack that you perform, and you will reduce the damage taken by 1/3.


OSRS King Black Dragon is not that hard to kill when you know how to do it. If you are two or three players to battle agents KBD it will be better because he has to choose which player it will target. That way his attack speed will be slower than usual and you can use that to your advantage over him. I hope this guide helps you, I wish you good luck and have fun.

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