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Who is the #1 Player on OSRS?

Lynx Titan

Aside from the max cape OSRS, there are many privileges that a player can get from training their skills up to 99. For example, eternal glory and an iconic status among OSRS players!

Now come on, which one of us hasn’t heard about Lynx Titan, the iconic OSRS player who permanently ranks number 1 on the OSRS Hiscores? Unless a new skill is released, this guy is not moving from that number 1 spot. 

Lynx Titan is known as Forsberg888 on RuneScape 3. And honestly, seeing him in the game randomly is like coming accross a real life NPC! His total level is 2277 and his combat level is, of course, 126. The first skill he maxed was Ranged but right now, he has reached 200M XP in all 23 skills in OSRS! Can you imagine that? Grinding til 99 Runecrafting? Imagine the dedication! 

Lynx Titan is estimated to play for around 17-18 hours per day. He states his main goal is to entertain himself with the game and that he simply enjoys playing, however his approach to training is considered highly pragmatic and focused on getting fast and efficient xp. Many OSRS players are wondering how does he manage to sleep and take care of any real life activities when he spends this much time in the game.

Lynx Titan’s History on OSRS

Lynx Titan became the first player to reach 200M XP in all 23 skills on OSRS on December 28, 2018. His first 99 happened on August 14 in 2015 – he maxed his Ranged level and ascended to rank 1 overall. 

He achieved 200M XP for Hunter in less than 2 months and a half for his 5th 200M and improved the monthly record by more than 30M xp. After that, he went for training Herblore and then Slayer. 

By May 10, 2016 he has already achieved 200M Slayer XP and has done the same with most of his combat skills. Another glorious training achievement of his is that he managed to gain 187 million Construction xp in less than two weeks in order to finish off his 200M Construction. 

However, from the 1st of July 2017 to the 1st of August in the same year, he had not gained any experience points, not even one! Some players have gotten worried about his disappearance since he had played OSRS every single day and has gained gigantic amounts of XP. Many wondered if he got really sick. Upon returning to the game, Lynx Titan revealed that he went on a vacation for two weeks and didn’t have any internet access…Mystery solved!

The last skill that Lynx Titan trained to 99 was Mining. 

Lynx Titan


 • Sick Nerd, the former numbe 1 OSRS player, is known to hold a grudge against Lynx Titan and his way of gaining experience. They have been known to compete against each other for rank #1 but Sick Nerd gave up and changed his name to “Team Titan”. He states that he’d rather not use alts and afk at nmz all night, but prefers to enjoy actually playing the game.

 • One of Lynx Titan’s famous strategies for getting fast and efficient xp is multilogging. He typically trains his main while he’s crafting nature runes on a second account.

 • He got awarded a Golden Gnome for the “Hall of Fame” achievement during Runefest 2015.

 • In RuneScape 3, where he is known as Forsberg888, he became the second player to get 5.2 billion xp and the third to get 200M in all skills. He is known for getting over 2.5 billion XP in one year. How is this guy even doing this?? 

 • He was known for using his OSRS account as a money making alt. He got OSRS gold by training Runecrafting and made around 50M. However, he decided to focus on OSRS after the new skill invention on RuneScape 3.

If you want to make history and train your account fast to 200M xp but without spending all of your time on this, try spending some money on osrs powerleveling and see for yourself how fast your account can go to 99!