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Is OSRS and RS3 Botting For Gold Safe?

What is Botting for RuneScape Gold

RuneScape bot is usually a programme, or in rare cases a person, that perform specific tasks to gain skills and thus earn money in the game. Bots do mostly click (mouse and keyboard) operations. These scripted actions happen repeatedly over and over again to achieve progress in RuneScape game. This process is called macroing or farming, when done by underpaid people. Most of the macros perform basic tasks like fishing or cutting wood, but there are also more improved scripts that can carry out some really challenging objectives. Botting is possible for both Old School RuneScape, also known as OSRS or RS 2007 (rs2007), and Runescape 3 (rs3) versions of the game.

The Risks of Botting for OSRS or RS3 Gold

Like all thing that sound too good to be true though, macroing or farming carry great risk — banning player’s account! So the short term benefit of earning OSRS gold or RS3 gold with no need of work, while the computer or someone else does it for you, pays too much in a long term.

Who reports RuneScape macro users or farming by use of real people? Firstly, other OSRS or RS3 players who do not use a macro to farm gold or skill. They are, of course, jealous and will immediately report any botting. Others will test whether you are “on-line” and then report you.

So don’t expose your precious account, which you spent hundreds of hours on, your excellent skills and great items, to the risk of bans and loss! The save way to get more OSRS gold or RS3 gold fast is to buy Runescape gold from a reputable RS gold seller.

Other Risks of Using Macros to Get RS Gold

Banning is just one of the risks when botting. Some macros are designed to steal non-premium OSRS or RS3 players accounts. Ifthe player uses their services just for free, without paying them, and they calculate that the acc can be sold or used to earn real-world money, these programs have the reputation to steal owner’s RuneScape account information.