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OSRS A Tail of Two Cats – Quest Guide

Today we are going to talk about OSRS A Tail of Two Cats quest, and in this quest, you must find a cat that answers to the name of Bob. Bob the cat got lost on the 19th 

of Bennath and he hasn’t been seen since.

OSRS A Tail of Two Cats

Requirements For The Quest

For the OSRS A Tail of Two Cats you don’t need any specific skill, but you have to complete Icthlarin’s Little Helper quest before starting this one. 

Items Needed For This Quest:

  1. Logs, Tinderbox
  2. Desert robe top and bottom
  3. Bucket of milk
  4. Shears, Rake, Seed dibber
  5. 4 potato seeds
  6. Vial of water
  7. Catspeak amulet
  8. 5 death runes
  9. Chocolate cake
  10. Cat or kitten
  11. 1 stamina potions


  • 5 Varrock Teleport
  • Nardah teleport
  • Games necklace
  • Amulet of glory
  • 2 Burthorpe

Cat Hunt

Start the quest by equipping your catspeak amulet, and go talk to Unferth, who can be found in east Burthorpe in the house south of Dunstan. Then head north-east to the next building with the water sign and talk to Hild. 

She will enchant your catspeak amulet if you give her five death runes and with the enchanted amulet, you can find Bob the cat. To find Bob just go teleport to Varrock and go to the building with the rock anvils and go inside, if you don’t see Bob use your Catspeak amulet by right-clicking and select the locate option.

Click on the whiskers until the eyes start glowing, if they are glowing that means that Bob is there and if they are not glowing just hop worlds until you find him. Talk to Bob and he will tell you that he’s in love with Neite, but she has no idea what his origins are so she’s not interested in him. 

Talk to Gertrude located south of the Cooking Guild, West of Varrock about Bob’s family. Next, we need to talk with Reldo in the Varrock Palace library, he will tell you that Robert the Strong was much taller and stronger than any other man of his time. 

His longbow was six feet tall, and he fought immortal monsters known as the Dragonkin. He fought alongside a black panther. Return to Bob and try to convince Bob that he is Robert the Strong.

Hidden Memories

After you’re done speaking with Bob you need to make your way to the Sphinx in Sophanem. Use your Nardah teleport scrolls and then you need 400 GP to take a magic carpet to Pollnivneach from Shantay Pass and then to Sophanem.

OSRS A Tail of Two Cats

When you reach Sophanem run south-east of the northern pyramid to find the Sphinx. Ask her for help, and after a bit, you’ll have the option to view a five-minute cutscene. During the cutscene, the Sphinx will teleport Bob to Sophanem and hypnotize him. 

Note: You can skip the cutscene by choosing the “skip cutscene and view summary” option but make sure you have game necklace teleport to return in Burthorpe.

Bob, thinking back on his earliest memories, recalls himself as Robert the Strong. He sees himself looking over at a tower beside Odysseus, followed by a battle between them and a dragonkin. The dragonkin manages to slay the panther and weaken Robert but is killed by an immensely powerful attack by him.

After the cutscene, the Sphinx teleports Neite to Bob, who will be impressed and fall in love with him. Bob will tell you to keep his owner busy by doing his chores, and you will be given the option to teleport back to Burthorpe or stay in Sophanem.

Bob’s List for OSRS A Tail Of Two Cats

Go back to Unferth’s house in Burthorpe and do these chores: In the Unferth’s house open the door north and you will find a patch, use your rake on the patch and plant four potato seeds. Next, go back inside and tidy up the house, first make the bed by clicking on it. 

After that use, some logs on the fireplace and light it with your tinderbox, right-click on the chocolate cake, and use it on the table. Do the same with your Bucket of milk by pouring milk into the glass on the table. Use a pair of shears on Unferth to shave his hair. 

Now you just need to wait until the potatoes are fully grown. If this is the only remaining chore, you will be alerted by your character or your cat/kitten saying all the chores are finished once the potatoes are done growing.

After you’ve done all of this, talk to Unferth again. He’ll tell you that he’s very ill and must see a doctor or a nurse. Talk to the Apothecary in Varrock who is located in the south-west of the city. 

He will tell you that Unferth is a hypochondriac – he thinks that he’s sick all the time even though he has been tested for illnesses and it’s all in his head. You need to use a placebo on him, so pick a doctor’s hat or nurse hat from the Apothecary, and wear some white robes.

Go back to Unferth’s house but make sure that you don’t have any equipped weapons in your hands, and give him a vial of water. You will make him think that this is a miracle cure and his illness will disappear.

Teleport to Varrock to find Bob at the Varrock anvils and talk to him. You’ll see a cutscene showing all the adventures Bob takes Neite on, including a magic carpet ride in Sophanem. After the cutscene, you will be teleported in front of Unferth’s house. Talk to him to get a present from Bob, and complete the quest.

Rewards For OSRS A Tail of Two Cats Quest

OSRS A Tail of Two Cats
  • 2 Quest points
  • Doctor’s hat or Nurse hat 
  • Present containing: Two antique lamps worth 2,500 experience each in skills of your choice over 30 and a mouse toy

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