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OSRS Black Dragon

Killing The OSRS Black dragon gives decent combat experience as well as good money, dragon bones, and black dragonhide. OSRS Black dragons are the only common chromatic dragons that drop the draconic visage, they are also the strongest common chromatic dragon in-game. 

OSRS Black dragons are used as a way of making money and that is why you can see them in some money making guides. But don’t forget that just like the other dragons in OSRS, the Black Dragon is a very powerful monster. 

Locations of The Black Dragon – Taverley Dungeon

In Taverley Dungeon you can find black dragons in the western wing of the dungeon. OSRS Black dragons are located in two spots, a common and slayer area. The common area only contains two OSRS Black dragons, while the slayer area has twelve Black dragons.

An OSRS Black dragon in the slayer only area can only be killed when assigned, you will be stopped by Slieve if you attempt to attack them off-task. The slayer area can be accessed by steps near the entrance. The common area requires you to have a dusty key or 70 Agility to reach the dragons.

The Evil Chicken’s Lair

osrs black dragon

The Evil Chicken’s Lair has the most out of any common area four OSRS Black dragons. Accessing this area requires a raw chicken offered to the chicken shrine in Zanaris. Also, it will require you to start Sir Amik Varze’s subquest in Recipe for Disaster, and until the dragon token is redeemed.

Corsair Cove Dungeon

Two OSRS Black dragons can be found in the Corsair Cove Dungeon. To access this area, you need to complete the Dragon Slayer II quest, the best thing about this dungeon is that it’s the closest location to a bank.


OSRS Black dragons can be also found in the Wilderness in the Lava maze dungeon and the Revenant Caves. In the Lava maze can be found two OSRS Black dragons, and if you want to access them will require a long trek through the Lava Maze, and a sharp weapon to cut webs. 

 Antipoison may be needed because of the presence of poison spiders near the Black dragons. There are also three dragons in the Revenant Caves, these OSRS Black dragons are slightly stronger from those found in the Lava maze, and they are the only ones that reside in a Multicombat area. 

These OSRS Black dragons are avoided due to being next to revenants, a high traffic area, and with little means to escape if you are attacked by other players. It is not recommended to kill OSRS Black dragons in the Wilderness unless it is part of a Wilderness slayer assignment. But if you decide to do it anyway, you run the risk of being killed by other players.

How to Kill The Black Dragon?

For killing black dragons It is recommended to use a high-level Ranged weapon to kill these creatures because they are weak to bolts. Another useful weapon that you can bring with you is Dwarf multicannon but first, you have to finish the Dwarf Cannon quest or you can buy the cannon and cannonballs from the GE. 

Pick a location to fight the Black dragons, set up your Dwarf cannon on the floor in a safe spot. Stand in the northeastern corner of your cannon and fire, this will ensure that 95% of the time you will be getting double hits on the black dragon. if the cannon is not double hitting, try running two steps away and back in between your attacks to reposition the OSRS Black dragon. 

To achieve the best experience per hour for ranged, try to tag all the newly spawning OSRS Black dragons so they can get double hit from the cannon as soon as possible. If you are trying to kill OSRS black dragons with melee stand in the northeastern corner of your cannon and wait for the Black dragon to come to you, because if you move the Black dragon will move out of the double hit spot. 

Items Required

For ranged setup you need a crossbow, Black dragonhide body, Black dragonhide chaps, Slayer helmet, Pegasian boots, and Barrows gloves bring in Ava’s accumulator instead of an assembler, Ring of dueling is optional also bring one Ranging potion, 45 Super restore, sharks, 6 Saradomin brews, stamina potion, level 30 teleports like Royal seed pod or Amulet of glory, Extended antifire potion, and cannon with 700 cannonballs.

For melee setup Viggora’s chainmace, Avernic defender, Slayer helmet, Amulet of torture, bring Expeditious bracelet but if you want you can use Barrows gloves, Mythical cape, and Dragon boots if you don’t want to risk too much in case you die. If you want to bring a ring it’s best if you use a Tyrannical ring.

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