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OSRS Cold War – Quick Quest Guide

At first glance this quest looks very easy and simple to do, but you will be surprised. Alright let’s talk about the OSRS Cold war quest, the quest is part of the Penguin quest series. At the Ardougne Zoo, one of the zookeepers thinks that the penguins are planning something. 

OSRS Cold War

He doesn’t know what they’re planning to do, so he asks you to help him observe their habits on the iceberg in the Lunar Sea. What begins as a peaceful bird-watching expedition opens a new world of espionage.

Skill Requirements for the OSRS Cold War Quest

You will need access to a crafting table 3 and:

  • 10 Hunter
  • 30 Agility
  • 30 Crafting
  • 34 Construction
  • 15 Thieving

Items For OSRS Cold War Quest

The items that you need are:

  • 10 oak planks
  • 10 steel nails
  • Hammer, spade, plank
  • clockwork or a steel bar
  • Swamp tar 
  • Silk, raw cod or the ring of charos (a)
  • 5 feathers (only regular chicken feathers work)
  • Mahogany plank
  • Leather

Some recommended items are: Weight reducing clothes, 1 Stamina potion, notepad, Weapon and armor, some food if you need it, Ardougne cloak 1, Rune teleports to Lumbridge.

Penguin Espionage

As always to start the OSRS Cold War quest you need to talk with Larry at the south entrance of the Ardougne Zoo. Larry wants to build a lookout to observe the penguins, so he asks you to collect him 10 oak planks, 10 steel nails, a hammer, and a spade.

OSRS Cold War

But if you already have all the items you can skip this part and just talk to him again and tell him that you have the materials to build the lookout. After that, he will teleport you to the Iceberg, east of where you’re standing you will see a firm snow patch. Use your plank on it to build a shed, then use your spade to cover the shed with snow.

Once that is done talk to Larry and a cutscene will begin. Keep note of the emotes the penguin does, as the emote greeting code is unique for every player and will need to be used, in order, for several later parts of the quest. Use your notepad to write down the emotes that you have.

If you need to see them again, click “Use Snowy bird hide” to watch the cutscene again. Speak to Larry and suggest to him that the behavior of the penguins in the cutscene was suspicious. 

Next, go a bit west and use the boat to get back to Rellekka, because Larry is very scared that the penguins will overhear the conversation. Speak to Larry again and he will ask you to design a clockwork suit, which will be used to spy on the penguins. He gives a book filled with instructions. 

Make The Clockwork Suit

If you have all the items for this part of the OSRS Cold war quest (or collect the items A plank, a piece of silk, and clockwork or a steel bar), just make your way to a crafting table number 3. You can use the clockmaker’s bench at your house to make a clockwork mechanism with the steel bar in your inventory. 

OSRS Cold War

Then, use the clockmaker’s bench again and select “clockwork toy” followed by “clockwork penguin” to make the clockwork suit with the plank, the piece of silk, and the clockwork mechanism in your inventory. 

Return to Larry at the Ardougne Zoo after you finish the suit and talk to him, and you will go back to the Iceberg with him to test it out. But you will see that the lookout has been completely destroyed and that all the penguins are missing.

Talk to Larry and he will teleport you back to the Ardougne Zoo. Make sure to unequip your weapon, cape, and shield slot, then right-click on Larry and choose “tuxedo time”. Open the penguin cage door and right-click on the penguins until you find one with the talk option. 

Speak to that penguin, and you will need to make the greetings that you have written down in your notepad from the earlier cutscene. When you do the greetings correctly the penguin will start talking, the penguin will give you a mission report to return to the outpost and ask you to speak to the penguins in Lumbridge. 

Leave the cage, get out of the suit and speak with Larry, teleport to Lumbridge, and go to Fred the Farmer’s sheep pasture. You can find it north of the castle and at the entrance, you will find Larry, right-click on him, and use the tuxedo time option.

Now, head off and find a “sheep” with a talk option, talk to the “sheep” and make the secret greeting as you did with the penguins at the zoo. The penguins in the sheep disguise will tell you to go away, demanding a secret phrase in addition to the secret greeting. 

Speak to Larry, and he will help you both return to the Ardougne Zoo. After that, equip your ring of charos (a) or raw cod, re-tuxedo, and enter the penguin’s cage. Talk to the penguin and he will tell you that the secret phrase is do not trust the walrus.  

Investigating Fred the Farmer

Return to Lumbridge sheep pasture and talk to the disguised penguins, the penguins will tell you to talk to Fred the Farmer to see if he’s an undercover agent for the humans. Exit your penguin suit and speak to Fred the Farmer about penguins. 

When you are done talking to Fred, go to Larry to get back in the penguin suit and talk to the disguised penguins to get your mission report. Now we have to take some cowbell from a dairy cow, so go east across the bridge and you will see cow pasture.

Go inside and steal a cowbell from a dairy cow next to Gillie, then return to talk with Larry and he will teleport you to the Iceberg. Put on your penguin suit and head north-west until you see a KGP Agent penguin. 

Talk to him and use your emote greeting, then tell him the password, and then he will ask you for an ID but, guess what, you don’t have one! Speak to the other penguin Noodle. He’s the black market merchant close to the KGP agent, and he’ll trade you an ID and a report if you give him one swamp tar and five feathers.

After that talk to the KGP agent to let you through, left-click on the avalanche and you should see the option “use avalanche” and you will enter the hideout. Then go into the first room on the left (West), and talk to the KGP agent. Head west, open the door and you will now have to complete an agility course. 

Agility Course

OSRS Cold War

Follow the ice path until you see a checkered line, to start the agility course just cross the line. Go into the water, avoid the moving ice in the water, and climb the stepping stone at the end. Then jump to the next stepping stone until you reach the land on the other side. 

Continue on the ice path unit you come to a shelf with icicles on it. Use the tread softly option to get across. You will have to repeat this several times on each shelf. If you fail, you will be hit taking a small amount of damage. 

Next, you will have to cross the ice, stand on the center of the hill and keep going south climbing the hill, and you will see a small cutscene of you sliding down a hill. Talk to the Agility Instructor, who will tell you that you have completed the agility arena and you are free to return whenever you like. 

Discover The Penguin Plan

Take off your penguin suit to be teleported out of the agility arena and speak to Larry. Tell him about the army of penguins you saw! He will tell you he needs you to find where they are making their war plans. 

Now we need to enter the penguin outpost for the final time. If you already have a cowbell in your inventory you need to make a Penguin Bongos. Just use your Mahogany Plank on the Leather to make Penguin Bongos, now let’s return to the outpost. 

Once you are inside, run straight until you come to a set of massive doors. Talk to the KGP Agent but he will not let you in. Go a bit south and enter the first room east, talk to one of the penguins in the room. They will ask you for a cowbell and a set of penguin bongos.

Talk to them again to give them the items that will trigger a cutscene, in which the guard will become distracted by their harmonious vibes. Leave the room and use the controls where the KGP agent used to be standing to open the large doors.

Go to the most eastern room and this will trigger a short cutscene. You will get caught and put in prison, where you will have to kill level 51 Icelords. Just kill two or three of the Icelords to be able to exit this prison.

Exit the cage through the fence door made of ice, and then exit through a chasm east of the Icelord cage. Talk to Larry to finish the OSRS Cold War quest.

Rewards For the OSRS Cold War Quest

  • 1 Quest point
  • 2,000 Crafting experience
  • 5,000 Agility experience
  • 1,500 Construction experience
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