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OSRS Contact Quest Guide

In this OSRS Contact quest, you will need to help the High Priest of Sophanem. They are having problems with getting in contact with their sister city of Menaphos. Sophanem is recovering from a plague, and most of its citizens are still trapped on the other side of the river. 

OSRS Contact Quest

Requirements For OSRS Contact Quest

Before you start this OSRS Contact! quest you need to complete Gertrude’s Cat, Icthlarin’s Little Helper, and Prince Ali Rescue quests. No skills are needed for the OSRS Contact! Quest.

Items For OSRS Contact Quest

  • Light source (Kandarin headgear or a Bruma torch) 
  • Tinderbox (unless you have the Kandarin headgear, Firemaking cape or a Bruma torch)
  • Food
  • 3 Nardah teleports to get to Nardah or Pharaoh’s sceptre 
  • Waterskins
  • Desert robes
  • At least 800 coins
  • Stamina / super energy potion
  • Antipoison potion
  • Ring of dueling or amulet of glory 
  • Shantay pass
  • Prayer potions

The Dungeon

OSRS Contact Quest

To start this OSRS Contact quest you need to travel to Sophanem and speak to the High Priest in the western temple. To get there use a Nardah teleport and take the carpet ride to Pollnivneach and from there to Sophanem. Talk to the priest and ask him about ways of getting into Menaphos. Ask about any dungeons, and he will direct you to Jex.

Go to the northeast part of the city in a building with a broken altar and talk to Jax. He will tell you how to access the dungeons beneath the building. Enter the building and climb down the ladder, you will need a light source for this part of the quest.

Make sure to have food, an anti-poison potion, and an emergency escape teleport such as the ectophial. Turn auto-retaliate off through the Combat tab, and be ready to use Protect from Magic. There are five traps in the dungeon, one of them are floor trap spikes that can be disabled by right-clicking and selecting the “search floor” option.

The wall traps can be disabled by right-clicking and selecting the “search odd markings”. If you run through them, you will be hit for 14-17 hitpoints. Crusher Blocks to avoid them just move diagonally carefully around them. If you run into them, you will be hit for around 8 hitpoints.

Sand pits are hard to see circles on the ground, you can avoid them by walking around the pit. If you step on them the ground will crack open and a Scarab swarm will come out and they can poison you. 

Scarab trap is a pit that will appear if you stand next to a wall spot with a scarab symbol on it and it will extinguish your light source, then drop you to the lower level. If you fall down to the lower level you will be in a multi combat area, so you need to find the ladder as fast as you can or use teleport to get out of there.

Go down the trap door when you are ready, turn on Protect from Magic, and go through the dungeon. When you get to the end go down the ladder, here you can turn off Protect from Magic. Now follow the passage around until you come to the corpse of Kaleef. Search the corpse to get his notes, and read them. 

Walk west and talk to Maisa who is across a gap. Tell her you have helped rescue Prince Ali, who was being held in Draynor Village, and that Leela assisted you. She will tell you to speak to Osman, Spy Master of Al Kharid. Use your Ring of dueling or amulet of glory and go to Al Kharid.


Walk to the north side of the palace and talk with Osman. Convince him to come to Sophanem personally and choose “Drive a wedge between the two cities” talk option to make him come. Go to the bank to prepare for the fight with the level 191 Giant scarab.

Take some good food, prayer potion, and don’t forget your light source. Super potion sets are highly recommended if you’re using melee, as the monsters hit 20+, and the scarab is very difficult to hit if it gets lucky. Iban Blast and Ice Rush spells are extremely effective. 

The Final Battle

Travel back to Sophanem. Osman will be just outside the gates. Talk to him again and suggest the secret entrance just north of the city. You will then see a cutscene where Osman sneaks past Jex into the caves below.

Talk to Jex and then head back through the Sophanem Dungeon to where you found the body of Kaleef. As soon as you go down the ladder, you will see another cutscene where a large beetle appears! If you die during the fight, all items will be lost, and there is no way to reclaim them!

Travel into the cave and fight the level 191 Giant scarab, which hits up to 20 with melee and ranged. It summons level 68 Locust riders and Scarab mages, they can attack you at the same time. 

The riders will attack with Ranged or melee, and the mages will attack with Magic, so you are being attacked by all three combat styles at once. It is recommended to defeat the magic-casters and rangers as soon as they spawn, but ignore the melee riders as your Prayer makes them harmless. 

If you’re using Ranged, use a rune crossbow with broad bolts or use a crystal bow and black dragonhide armour. Use Protect from missiles if you are using melee, the giant scarab is weak to stab. The black dragonhide will be good to use as it will protect you from Magic and Range.

Make sure that you use Protect from melee. If you are using Magic, Iban Blast and Mystic robes are very effective and use Protect from Missiles against the giant scarab.

After you kill the scarab make sure to pick up the Keris blade on the floor, Osman is miraculously alive, then talk with Osman and when the conversation is over he will teleport away. 

Go back to the High Priest if you have little food left or teleport away and use the magic carpets, which can be safer and probably faster than going through the dungeon again. He will confirm that Maisa was successful and reward you. Congratulations, the OSRS Contact! Quest is completed.


OSRS Contact Quest
  • 1 Quest point
  • 7,000 Thieving experience
  • Combat lamp that gives you two wishes granting 7,000 exp for a combat skill. 
  • The Keris
  • Access to Sophanem’s bank
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