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OSRS Crafting Guide Methods For Crafting

OSRS Crafting Guide – 1-99 Methods For Crafting

Crafting OSRS is easily one of the most expensive skills in any Runescape game be it OSRS mobile or Runescape mobile or even the PC version. Crafting is a skill available for free-to-play players and members. 

Crafting allow players to create jewelry, armor, a range of different items and other skills materials. That skill involves gathering or buying raw materials needed for experience. 

Training your crafting is very important for a number of reasons, one of them is highest crafting requirement quest in the game is Monkey madness 2. The biggest crafting boost in the game right now is mushroom pie, which can boost your crafting by four levels.

osrs crafting guide

Slow and profitable method

In this method, the crafting will be slow but it will generate a lot of profit in the later stages. The higher you will go, the more XP you will get. These might take a while but it will definitely be worth if you are doing it for some money and AFKing. In this method, you can easily earn around 260M to 330M Runescape gold ore OSRS gold in profit while it will take you around 150 hours to reach level 99.

Fast but expensive method

 In this method, the crafting takes place at a fast pace and it is more on the expensive side. This method will cost between 250M and 325M Runescape gold or OSRS gold while it will take you anywhere between 20 hours and 25 hours to reach level 99.

Efficient Guide for Crafting OSRS

By following this method you will pick up your crafting leveling relatively quickly. 

  • At level 1 crafting you can start by making leather gear for that you will need leather, needle and thread. Leather gloves are very cheap and simple to make. When you reach level 7 you can start making leather boots up to level 8 crafting.
  • From level 8 to level 33 you can make unstrung gold amulets to make them you need gold bars and amulet mold. From these amulets you can make 45 xp per hour.
  • Levels 33 to 54 you can start glass blowing at level 33 you can make vials, from level 42 fishbowls and at level 46 start making Unpowered Orb this is one of the cheapest ways to reach level 99 crafting.
  • If you don’t have much money from level 46 up to 99 you can make glass blowing but you still going to spend 30m.
  • From levels 54 to 63 Battlestaves , you gonna need water orbs , earth orbs, fire orbs. Battlestaves give very fast experience and with this you can also make it to 99 if you don’t have much money.
  • From 63 to 99 you can make Dragonhide bodies however i have to tell you that is very expensive using Dragonhide bodies but they are some of the most given experience for finishing up your cape. Supplies needed Dragonhide Leather a needle and some thread.

Alternative Craft Training

I will tell you some well-known methods that any of you know or have used before. These methods do not require a lot of money and as you might guess they bring little experience so you can decide for yourself when to apply them.

I guess nobody will surprise you by telling you about Bow Strings which are low money making method you can make money while crafting. The best place for doing this is the Lumbridge castle, another way is by making jewelry. 

There is many different type of jewelry in OSRS, i will suggest bracelets for example Topaz bracelets and Ruby bracelets. Let’s talk about cutting gems for xp, the method definitely is one of the most expensive in the game but tends to provide some insanely fast experience.

Cutting gems:

16 Craft Red Topaz – up to 60k – 70k xp/hr

20 Craft Sapphires – up to 130k – 140k xp/hr

27 Craft Emeralds – up to 170k – 190k xp/hr

34 Craft Rubies – up to 225k – 240k xp/hr

43 Craft Diamonds – up to 200k – 285k xp/hr

Ironman Guide

Now I will show you Ironman method that is thought to be very efficient, A very large number of people playing ironman make a big mistake when start train the skill. The mistake is that they miss Questing and then when they reach level 60 or 70 and start Questing it does not lead to the desired effect and the experience they receive is less.

So don’t copy the rest of the players and start quest from the first levels. Here is a quest list to follow:

  • Sheep shearer, Mystile and Mystery , Goblin diplomacy, Dwarf cannon, Recipe for disaster (Goblin generals subquest), Murder mystery, Tower of life, In search of the myreque, Recipe for disaster (Pirate Pete subquest), Recipe for disaster (Skrach Uglogwee subquest).
  • Nature Spirit , Animal Magnetism , Shades of Mort’ton, Elemental workshop 1 and 2 , The Golem , Shilo Village , Hand in the Sand.

By completing these quest you can easily reach level 40 crafting and from here will be much easier to reach level 61 crafting. Suppose you have reached level 40 crafting, from now on you should continue with Molten glass. Quests are extremely important for a osrs crafting guide

You need two things to make molten glass soda ash and buckets of sand which you can buy from charter ships and the best place to buy the supplies is at port Kaz ‘red. Also if you have the ring of Kiros activate from the Garden and Tranquility quest you will save a bit money of hopping from port to port.

Once you are done making the Molten glass you gonna want to blow them in to the highest things you can make like: Beer glass , Empty candle lantern , Empty oil lamp , Vial , Empty fishbowl , Unpowered orb , Lantern lens and Light orb.

In general, this is the whole method of reaching level 61 crafting. From here on, some people continue by Buying ores make Gold or Silver bars and Smelting and crafting bars. I leave it to you to judge how you want to proceed, I hope this guide has been helpful to you.