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OSRS Fairytale Part 1

Today we are going to dive into OSRS Fairytale Part 1, or to be more exact OSRS Fairytale Growing Pains which is the first part of the OSRS Fairytale quest series. The quest is focused on the farmers in OSRS who are noticing some trouble with their farming patches.

OSRS Fairytale Part 1

The farmers don’t know what is going on because they seem to have the same yields as before. What could be the source of this malady? so you have to uncover this mystery, and find out What is causing this anomaly to happen?

The Requirements For This Quest

For the OSRS Fairytale Part 1 quest, you will need the completion of the following quests: Lost City, Nature Spirit, The Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, Jungle Potion, and the ability to defeat a level 111 Tanglefoot with limited weaponry.


  • Secateurs 
  • The Draynor skull which you can take during the quest.
  • A spade 
  • A ghostspeak amulet
  • A Dramen or Lunar staff
  • Teleports to Varrock, Falador, and Lumbridge

The Growing Pains

To start the quest you must talk to Martin the Master Gardener. He’s walking around the pigpen north-west of the bank in Draynor Village. He’ll mention that his roses haven’t been doing as well as they used to, and he suspects something’s wrong. He wants you to ask the other members of G.A.G. (Group of Advanced Gardeners) if they’re having the same problems he’s having. 

OSRS Fairytale Part 1

You can choose any of the gardeners near the farming patches around RuneScape. There are only 5 out of 8 G.A.G. members, so here is the list of all G.A.G. that you can choose from:

  1. Frizzy Skernip, next to the bar in Port Sarim, just south of the Falador cabbage patch.
  2. Elstan, at the allotment patch just south-east of Falador. 
  3. Heskel, at the tree patch in Falador Park.
  4. Dreven, at the bush patch near the Champions’ Guild.
  5. Fayeth, just west of the Lumbridge Castle.
  6. Treznor, inside Varrock Palace grounds.
  7. Alain, at the tree patch in Taverley.
  8. Vasquen, north-east of Lumbridge Castle.

They have been having trouble with poor crops and they all have different explanations of what’s wrong. But the last person you ask will have a more interesting explanation. He will suggest maybe the fairies have something to do with it. After that is done go back to Draynor and talk to Martin again. 

Tell him about the different ideas, and get your Dramen staff and head south-east to Zanaris. If you want to enter Zanaris, you must equip your Dramen staff and open the door on the unmarked house in the center of Lumbridge Swamp.

Investigating the illness

Once you’re in Zanaris just runs south to find the Fairy Godfather who is located in the throne room next to slayer master Chaeldar. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that the queen has fallen to some sort of illness. She’s under the care of Fairy Nuff.

To find the queen, head west and go to the room to the north of the bank. Talk to Fairy Nuff, and she’ll tell you the details of the queen’s illness and give you a list to take to a wizard named Zandar Horfyre.

To save time, you should go to Draynor Manor, and get the draynor skull first by digging the grave behind the manor, If you need a spade there is one that respawns in the manor. 

Also if you have at least 31 agility and have a Chronicle, they can teleport to the Champions’ Guild and use the shortcut west of the Champions’ Guild to get to Draynor Manor quickly.

Next, go to Falador and head west, or to save time use a Skills Necklace teleport to the Crafting Guild and travel north-west to the Dark Wizards’ Tower. Head up to the top floor and talk to Zandar. He’ll take the symptom list and then suggest you talk to Malignius Mortifer.

He can be found east of the Crafting Guild and directly south of Falador. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you he could probably help, but he wants a Draynor skull from a grave near Draynor Manor. You already have the Draynor skull so just gave it to Malignius.

He’ll tell you that the queen’s problem has to do with a creature called a Tanglefoot. To kill it, you need to enchant a pair of secateurs, and to do this, Malignius will tell you to take a pair of secateurs and three additional items to the Nature Grotto.

The items are randomly chosen so be sure to read your quest description to ensure you pick the correct combination before leaving. For example, it should look like this – “I will need to take a pair of secateurs, a crushed gemstone, some Snapdragon, and a bucket of supercompost”. 

Most of the items you can buy from Grand Exchange but if you can’t here is the list with all the items for this quest and how to get them:

  • Baby dragon bones: Kill a baby dragon, either green, blue, red, or black.
  • Blue Dragon Scale: Spawn location is near the blue dragon in Taverly dungeon.
  • Charcoal: In the specimen tray at the dig site with a specimen jar or sold in Obli’s General Store in Shilo Village, Jiminua’s Jungle Store northwest of Tai Bwo Wannai, as well as by Gunslik in Keldagrim.  
  • Crushed gemstone: Fail to cut a gem like Jade, red topaz, or Opal. To get these uncut, mine them in Shilo village or pickpocket h.a.m. members.
  • Edible seaweed: Kill rock crabs north of Rellekka, Fishing Trawler, or Fossil Island.
  • Fat snail: Kill bruise blamish snails and blood blamish snails in the mort myre swamp.
  • Grapes: Buy from Culinaromancer’s chest or Cook’s guild.
  • Jangerberries: Get one from the spawn on a small ogre island East of Caste wars. Use a rope on the tree branch on the west side of the island to get on it.
  • Jogre bones: Kill a jogre on Karamja (at the glider sign, west of the log to cross the river)
  • King worm: Spawns in the Swamp of Gnome stronghold.
  • Grapes: Spawn in Cooking Guild (with Cooking 32)
  • Lime: Bought from Hudo or Heckel Funch in the Grand Tree
  • Mort Myre fungi: Bloom a blessed silver sickle next to dead logs
  • Mort Myre pear: Bloom a blessed silver sickle next to the dead bush
  • Mort Myre stem: Bloom a blessed silver sickle next to dead branch/twig on the ground (might not work on the first attempt)
  • Nature talisman: Kill abyssal leeches in the abyss. There are a lot more monsters that can drop it but these drop them a bit more common and are easier to kill.
  • Potato cactus: Spawns in the Kalphite dungeon, west of Shantay pass. They spawn near the kalphite soldiers.
  • Proboscis: Use a machete on some dense jungle bushes in Tai Bwo wannai until a mosquito swarm spawns, kill one to get 1.
  • Raw Cave eel: Take fishing rod + bait and enter the Lumbridge swamp caves via the Lumbridge cellar (go through 2 holes) and enter the only room east to find a puddle where you can fish them.
  • Red spiders eggs: Spawns in edgeville dungeon, karamja volcano, north of Arandar.
  • Red vine worm: Dig on the red vine in Mc Gruber’s wood 
  • Raw slimy eel: Take fishing rod + bait and fish in the most eastern room of the Lumbridge swamp caves or the Mort Myre swamp.
  • Snape grass: spawns on waterbirth and the peninsula west of the crafting guild
  • Supercompost: empty a compost bin with supercompost items after rotting for 90 minutes. An easy example would be pineapples since you can buy them from trader crew members.
  • Uncut diamond: RDT or gem rocks in Shilo
  • Uncut ruby: RDT or gem rocks in Shilo
  • White berries: spawns at the lava dragons on lava dragon isle and in Isafdar. Kill Cave Crawlers or Chaos Druid warriors.

For players without the Herblore level to clean this herb can pay Zahur in Nardah 200 coins per herb to clean them. When you finally have the items you need, grab your Amulet of Ghostspeak and secateurs.

Go to the Mort Myre Swamp by using Shades of Mort’ton minigame teleport and talk to the Nature Spirit. He’ll bless your secateurs, at that point they’ll take on a green glow.

Killing the Tanglefoot

Head back to Zanaris, grab your armour, food, and make sure to bring your magic secateurs. From the fairy ring, travel south-west, south of the Puro-Puro field, to the mysterious ruins of the Cosmic altar. 

You can take one of two shortcuts if your Agility is 66 or 46. On the left side of the room, there is a gap through the wall that you can climb through. The “Gatekeeper” there should let you through.

OSRS Fairytale Part 1

Inside the tunnel are a couple of Baby tanglefoot, and at the end of the tunnel will be a level-111 Tanglefoot – take your magic secateurs and kill him by using a hit-and-run strategy. You can avoid getting hit by standing in the safespot, using the mushrooms in his chamber. If you have the Protect from Melee prayer use it. 

Remember that if you die during the fight, the area is instanced, so you will lose your items! Once you have defeated the Tanglefoot, make sure to grab the Queen’s secateurs before leaving the tunnel. Head back to the Fairy Godfather, and speak with him once again


Congratulations! Quest completed!

Rewards From The OSRS Fairtytale Part 1

OSRS Fairytale Part 1
  • 2 Quest points
  • Magic secateurs 
  • 3,500 Farming experience
  • 2,000 Attack experience
  • 1,000 Magic experience

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