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OSRS Fishing Contest – Quest Guide

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the OSRS Fishing Contest quest. This quest is very short and you don’t need to complete any specific quest before starting this one. What the OSRS Fishing Contest quest is all about?

OSRS Fishing Contest - Quest Guide

If you are trying to go across White Wolf mountain safely by using the underground tunnel you will be stopped by the dwarves who are guarding the tunnel. They don’t allow strangers to pass through, but they will let you through if you can bring them a trophy. The trophy is the prize for the annual Hemenster fishing competition.

Skill Requirements For The OSRS Fishing Contest

  • 10 Fishing

Items Needed For The OSRS Fishing Contest

  • 10 coins 
  • Fishing pass 
  • Garlic 
  • A fishing rod 
  • A Spade
  • games necklace or Camelot teleport
  • Combat bracelet 

Dwarves Can’t Fish!

OSRS Fishing Contest - Quest Guide

To start the quest speak to one of the two dwarves guarding the underground tunnel entrance to the east or west of White Wolf Mountain. The dwarf will block you from going down, saying that the tunnel is only for the use of the Mountain Dwarves.

Ask the dwarf if you could become friends. The dwarf will say that he wants you to win the fishing contest in the western town of Hemenster since the reward for the contest is a coveted gold trophy and dwarves aren’t known to be good at angling.

He’ll give you a fishing pass for entry into the contest, before promising you access to the tunnel shortcut underneath the mountain, if you manage to be successful. Now we need to take some supplies. If you didn’t bring any garlic just go to Seers’ Village and pick up a piece of garlic on the table in the house south-west of the bank. 

Next, you will need red vine worms, which you can find in the McGrubor’s Woods (if you have access to the fairy rings use the code als which will place you in McGrubor’s Woods). Make sure that you have your spade and head to McGrubor’s Woods, the fenced-off forest located northwest of you. 

Then you need to go to the northern part of the fence and squeeze through the gap to get in. Beware of the aggressive guard dogs, just run past them to the western area next to the fairy ring, you will see some red vines on the ground. You need to take 5 red vine worms and leave the woods. 

Winning The Trophy

Go south of McGrubor’s Wood to Hemenster, located west of the Ranging Guild south of Seers’ Village. Talk to Grandpa Jack, who lives in the house nearby on the north side of Hemenster to buy a fishing rod for 5 coins. 

Once you’re there show Morris your fishing pass and he will let you in.

Put the garlic into the pipes on the south wall of the north building by the Sinister Stranger. 

Talk to Bonzo and pay him the contest fee to start the contest (5 coins). He will assign the Sinister Stranger to the northern spot where the best fish are, but he’s a vampire and your garlic will discuss him and you will change places with him. 

Fish at the spot by the pipes using the red vine worms. You will catch a giant carp, a unique type of fish that you can’t catch normally, and that will be the prize-winning fish. Talk to Bonzo and hand over the giant carp and you will win the trophy, then go back to the dwarfs at the start of the quest and give the dwarf your trophy.

Rewards From The OSRS Fishing Contest

OSRS Fishing Contest - Quest Guide
  • 1 Quest point
  • 2,437 Fishing experience
  • Access to the underground White Wolf Mountain passage
  • Ability to catch minnows in the Fishing Guild with 82 Fishing with full Angler Outfit set.
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