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What is OSRS gold ore ? – explained by a new OSRS Player

If you are new OSRS player and have nub questions like that – about osrs gold ore, check our blog for more!

OSRS Gold ore is a type of ore that you can get by mining gold ore rocks.Have you achieved Mining level of 40 or higher, it can give you 65 experience. Gold ore can be smelted into OSRS gold bars if you have at least level 40 of  Smithing. Various pieces of jewelry are made with these OSRS Gold bars. You could also level at Crafting.

The best place to mine gold ore, if you are not a member is the Crafting Guild. You will need lever 40 for crafting or more to enter. It is supposed to have 7 gold rocks. You can use the bank chest in the nearby clan camp. For non-members without 40 Crafting, gold ore can be time consuming, so better pay a membership. Another two rocks can be found in the Rimmington mining site with a Bank deposit box nearby, in the Rimmington Customs Office.

If you are a happy member of OSRS community,like we are,and you achieved at least level 80 of Mining, consider harder quests for concentrated gold rocks in the Living Rock Caverns.Stay alert for the aggressive, high level (92+) living rock creatures.They may attack OSRS players. We advise you to to wear armour when going to the caverns.

Stay safe and Enjoy!