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OSRS Graceful Outfit Guide – How to Get Graceful Outfit?

Players in OSRS often have multiple weapons and outfits for training different types of skills that they are trying to level up or need them for something else. The graceful outfit is used for specific things that I will explain in this article, let start by explaining What is Graceful outfit? And What OSRS Graceful outfit is used for?

OSRS Graceful Outfit

osrs graceful

The OSRS Graceful outfit is weight-reducing gear that you can use when training skills and quests. The new update from Jagex this year concerning the Graceful outfit is that the hood, cape, gloves, and boots give an individual 3% boost, and the top and legs give 4% each. 

This adds up to a 20% run energy bonus with an additional 10% bonus for wearing the whole outfit, which matches the previous 30% boost. Also, the OSRS Graceful outfit has low priority on death and you can easily lose your entire Graceful outfit if you are unable to return to recover it in time.

You should know that the weight reduction on the Graceful outfit does not transfer to f2p worlds.

How to Get the Graceful Outfit?

The Graceful outfit can only be bought with marks of grace, which can only be obtained by running laps on Rooftop Agility Courses. To buy the whole set you must have 260 Marks, this, of course, is not going to be an easy thing to do. 

Because you need to reach level 56 Agility or higher, only if the rooftop courses are done and Falador is skipped to remain at Canifis. The Canifis rooftop course is one of the ways that you can obtain marks, and it’s the fastest way to collect marks out of all rooftop agility courses. 

But if you are trying to pass an agility course that is below your skill level the chance of receiving marks of grace will decrease by 20% of the original rate. Another way to earn marks is the Seers’ Village rooftop course which is also a good and fast way to collect marks.

Next, you have a Falador rooftop course and Wilderness Agility course where rates are much higher and if you’re planning to get recolors or future agility milestones, this method is more efficient.

How to Recolour Your OSRS Graceful Outfit?

In order to recolor your Graceful outfit, you have to gain 100% favors in Great Kourend city, and you have to talk to Osten in Shayzien to recolor your Graceful outfit to one of six different colors.

osrs graceful

But if you want to customize the colors to your osrs Graceful outfit or you want to choose from all the colors of any of the cities you need to have 100% favour in all cities. For each piece of the outfit that you recolor, it will cost 15 marks and 90 marks of grace to fully recolor the whole outfit.

I don’t advise you to revert the color you choose to default because that can cost you double the price you paid, but if you want to do it anyway just speak to Osten to revert the colors to the default appearance. Keep in mind that you will not be reimbursed for any marks of grace.


We are still waiting for the promised black colored osrs graceful set to be released this year with the new agility course, but I think the OSRS players have to wait a little longer for that update. This is all for today’s article, I wish you good luck and have fun.

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